Symposia Sessions, Saturday November 20th 2021

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1. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics

1. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics


Convenors session 1: Sandra Borderie, Paul Tackley, Jonas Ruh

Chairperson: Paul Tackley
08:30-08:45 Alkhimenkov Y., Utkin I., Khakimova L., Alvizuri C., Quintal B., Podladchikov Y. Spontaneous earthquake nucleation in elasto-plastic media
08:45-09:00 Gunatilake T. , Miller S.A. Spatio-temporal complexity of aftershocks in the Apennines controlled by permeability dynamics and decarbonization
09:00-09:15 Yan J., Ballmer M., Waszek L., Tauzin B., Tackley P.J. Seismic-geodynamic constraints on compositional heterogeneity near the 660-km discontinuity
09:15-09:30 Balázs A., Faccenna C., Gerya T., Ueda K., Funiciello F. The Dynamics of Forearc – Back-arc basins: Numerical Models and Observations from the Mediterranean
09:30-09:45 Grujic D., Rolfe O., Negrini M., Prior D. Spatial and temporal interplay between viscous and brittle deformational processes in a continental megathrust: case study across the Main Central Thrust in the Himalaya
09:45-10:15 POSTER PITCHES 1 P 1.1 – P 1.15 (2 min/poster)
10:15-10:45 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Jonas Ruh
10:45-11:00 Gerya T., Stern R.J., Pellissier L., Stemmler D., Balazs A., Gray T.,  Rogger Y., Van Agtmaal L., Tackley P. Biogeodynamics: influence of plate tectonics on life evolution and biodiversity
11:00-11:15 Roger M., de Leeuw J., van der Beek P., Husson L. Diachronous evolution of the Carpathians belt and foreland, from low-T thermochronology inversion and isopach maps analysis.
11:15-11:30 Rast M., Galli A., Ruh J., Madonna C., Guillong M. Geology along the Bedretto tunnel: kinematic and geochronologic constraints on the evolution of the Gotthard Massif (Central Alps)
11:30-12:00 POSTER PITCHES 2 P 1.16 – P 1.29 (2 min/poster)
12:00-13:30 Lunch time
Chairperson: Joël Ruch
13:30-13:45 Truttmann S., Diehl T., Herwegh M. Probabilistic 3D Fault Network Models of Seismogenic Faults: Case Studies from the Northern Valais
13:45-14:00 Radaideh O., Sommaruga A., Mosar J Tectonic paleostress and tectonic geomorphology in the close vicinity of the Pontarlier strike-slip fault system (Swiss and French Jura fold and- thrust belt)
14:00-14:15 Hauvette L., Sommaruga A., Borderie S., Mosar J., Meyer M. New tectonic map in the Geneva Basin, combination of surface and sub-surface data (Switzerland and France)
14:15-14:30 Marro A., Sommaruga A., Hauvette L., Borderie S., Schori M., Mosar J. Tectonics of the Western Internal Jura Fold-and-Thrust Belt: from the Geneva Basin (Switzerland) to La Bienne Valley (France). Mapping and forward modelling.
14:30-14:45 Bilau A., Bienveignant D., Rolland Y., Schwartz S., Godeau N., Guihou A., Deschamps P., Boschetti L., Mangenot X., Brigaud B., Dumont T. Thin-skin subalpine tectonic chronology constrained by U-Pb calcite on faults mirrors and fractured pebbles.
14:45-15:00 Akker I.V., Herwegh M., Berger A., Aschwanden L., Mazurek M., Madritsch H. Microscale deformation and related mineralization in the Opalinus Clay of central northern Switzerland
15:00-15:45 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Sandra Borderie
15:45-16:15 Ruch J., Bufféral S., Panza E., Mannini S., Óskarsson B., Gies N., Alvizuri C., Hjartardóttir A.R. Oblique rifting event during the 2021 Reykjanes seismo-tectonic and volcanic crisis (SW Iceland).
16:15-16:30 Panza E., Ruch J. Interaction of faulting and magma propagation in oblique extensional settings (North Volcanic Zone, Iceland) using UAV-based structural data
16:30-16:45 Rime V., Foubert A., Atnafu B., Kidane T. New geological mapping of the Afar depression: from review towards the understanding of basin dynamics during active rifting
16:45-17:00 Zwaan F., Schreurs G. CT-scanned analog models of lithospheric-scale rifting

Posters Session 1:

P 1.1 Alhamad M., Bruna P., Bertotti G., Moscariello A., Eruteya O., Welch M., Oldfield S. Fracture Network Prediction in the Geneva Basin: A Geothermal Case Study
P 1.2 Borderie S., Mosar J., Hauvette L., Marro A., Sommaruga A., Meyer M. Stress in the Geneva Basin and adjacent Jura fold-and-thrust belt (Switzerland and France), insights from numerical modelling
P 1.3 de Leeuw A., Vincent S.J., Matoshko A., Matoshko A., Stoica M., Nicoara I. Geodynamic evolution of the East Carpathian Foreland Basin since the Middle Miocene: Implications for sediment supply to the Black Sea and Dacian Basin
P 1.4 Diehl T., Herwegh M., Schmid S., Nibourel L. Present-day deformation of the Aar Massif: New insights from three recent ML4 strike-slip earthquakes
P 1.5 Fabbri S.C., Mair D., Schmid T., Piccoli F. Automated lineament detection using Tensor Voting: A case study from the Swiss Alps (Grimselpass & Zermatt, Switzerland)
P 1.6 Frings K.A., von Hagke C., Dunkl I., Luijendijk E., Madritsch H. Using the spread in apatite (U-Th)/He single grain ages to constrain the thermal history of the Northern Swiss Molasse Basin
P 1.7 Gray T., Tackley P., Gerya T., Stern R.J. The Neoproterozoic transition to modern plate tectonics and complex life:  A global scale numerical modelling approach
P 1.8 Halter W.R., Macherel E., Duretz T., Schmalholz S.M. Numerical modelling of strain localization by anisotropy generation during viscous deformation
P 1.9 Hufford L.J., Tokle L., Behr W.M. Experimental investigation of glaucophane rheology through general shear deformation experiments
P 1.10 Wang L., Wu R., Li Y., Selvadurai P., Madonna C., Lei Q. Microcrack-driven Emergence of Stress Relaxation in Granitic Rock: Laboratory Observation and Numerical Simulation
P 1.11 Liu M., Gerya T. Surplus melt induces the dynamic LAB near the mid-ocean ridge
P 1.12 Macherel E., Podladchikov Y., Räss L., Schmalholz S.M. GPU-based pseudo-transient finite difference solution for 3-D gravity- and shear-driven power-law viscous flow
P 1.13 Mannini S., Ruch J., Hollingsworth J, Swanson D.S., Johanson I. Giant Volcano Flank Motion Imaged by Historical Air Photos Correlation during the M7.7 Kalapana Earthquake (1975), Big Island, Hawaii
P 1.14 Marguin V., Simpson G. Influence of fluids on the earthquake cycle based on numerical modeling
P 1.15 Musso Piantelli F., Mair D., Herwegh M., Berger A., Kurmann E., Wiederkehr M., Schlunegger F., Möri A., Baumberger R. 4D reconstruction of a Fold and thrust belt: the case of the asymmetric Doldenhorn nappe-Aar Massif system (Central Swiss Alps)
P 1.16 Nevskaya N., Zhan W., Stünitz H., Berger A., Herwegh M. Brittle-viscous transition in fine-grained granitoid fault rocks – deforming natural rock samples in the Griggs Rig apparatus
P 1.17 Perret M., Gasparrini M., Teles V., Mondino F., Guglielmetti L., Omodeo Salé S., Moscariello A. Fracture network characterization associated with the transpressive Vuache fault, a possible outcrop analogue of the Geneva Basin geothermal system.
P 1.18 Ruh J.B., Tokle L., Behr W.M. Numerical Modelling of Grain Size Evolution in Granitoid Shear Zones
P 1.19 Scarponi M., Hetényi G., IvreaArray Team New constraints on the Ivrea Geophysical Body at intra-crustal scales (Western Alps, Europe): a combination of gravimetry, passive seismology and rock’s physical properties
P 1.20 Schmid T., Schreurs G., Adam J. Styles of fault growth influencing rift propagation in rotational rift settings: Insights from crustal scale analogue models
P 1.21 Tokle L., Braden Z., Cisneros M., Behr W.M. Structural Mapping of the Eclogite Zone, Tauern Window: Implications on the rheology of the subduction zone interface
P 1.22 Turlin F., Moritz R., Keskin S., Utku Sönmez S., Ulyanov A. Variscan granitoid in the Eastern Pontides, NE Turkey, records a 2.0 Ga history of Gondwana-derived terranes
P 1.23 Ursprung A., Borderie S., Sommaruga A., Mosar J. A geological profile and kinematically balanced cross-section through the Mont Tendre and Mont Risoux
P 1.24 Van Agtmaal L., Balazs A., May D., Gerya T. From the India-Eurasia corner collision to lateral extrusion: results from 3D coupled numerical models
P 1.25 Verard C., Ragon C., Kasparian J., Brunetti M. The PANALESIS model and its applications to the Permian – Triassic climate oscillations
P 1.26 Zhan W., Nevskaya N., Niemeijer A., Berger A., Spiers C.J., Herwegh M. The effect of temperature on the frictional behavior of simulated ultrafine-grained granitoid gouge: an experimental investigation using a Ring Shear Apparatus
P 1.27 Zwaan F., Chenin P., Erratt D., Manatschal G., Schreurs G. Interaction between mantle and crustal weaknesses during rifting: insights from laboratory experiments
P 1.28 Zwaan F., Rosenau M., Maestrelli D. The influence of initial salt basin geometry on salt tectonics: insights from laboratory experiments
2. Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry

2. Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry


Convenors session 2: Francesca Piccoli, Florence Begue, Julien Allaz

Chairpersons: Francesca Piccoli and Julien Allaz
08:30-08:45 Castellanos Melendez M.P., Dilles J., Chelle-Michou C. A high-precision petrochronology look Into the Yerington batholith, Nevada, USA: Perspectives on the lifetime of magmatic-hydrothermal systems
08:45-09:00 Tagliaferri A., Schenker F.L., Schmalholz S.M., Ulianov A. LA-ICP-MS U-Pb dating on zircons from the Lepontine Dome (Central European Alps)
09:00-09:15 Keller F., Guillong M., Popa R.-G., Bachmann O. In-situ inclusion-bearing ilmenite 230Th/238U geochronology of quaternary volcanic deposits by laser ablation inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS)
09:15-09:30 Simian L., Allaz J., Fonseca Teixeira L.M., Bachmann O., Chelle-Michou C. Petrology, mineralogy, and dating of granites in Northern Pikes Peak batholith, Colorado (USA). (canceled)
09:30-09:45 Virmond A.L., Wotzlaw J.-F., Chelle-Michou C. Zircon petrochronology of behemothian porphyry copper systems
09:45-10:00 Wotzlaw J.F., Bastian L., Guillong M., Forni F., Laurent O., Sulpizio R., Chelle-Michou C., Bachmann O. Garnet petrochronology reveals the lifetime and dynamics of phonolitic magma chambers at Somma-Vesuvius
10:00-10:30 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Alannah Brett and Julien Allaz
10:30-11:00 POSTER PITCHES 1 P 2.1 – P 2.10 (3 min/poster)
11:00-11:15 Aluç A., Moritz R., Kuşcu I., Ulianov A., Karcı M. Geology, Geochemistry, and Mineralogy of Porphyry-Epithermal Systems at the Kirazlı District, Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey
11:15-11:30 Wang H.A.O., Grolimund D., Franz L., Mathys D., Schultz-Güttler R., Krzemnicki M.S. Analysis of Sheet-like Inclusion in Cu-bearing Tourmaline from Brazil
11:30-11:45 Wolf R.C., Diamond L.W., Belgrano T.M., Pettke T. Source rocks and leaching processes for metals in mafic VMS deposits: Semail ophiolite, Oman
11:45-12:00 Pedemonte G., Kouzmanov K., Bergoeing J.-P., Stefanova E., Spangenberg J., Kingsley T., Bourassa Y. Trace element and S-isotope geochemistry of sphalerite in the distal Zn-Pb(-Ag) skarn deposit of Santander, Central Peru
12:00-13:30 Lunch time
Chairpersons: Corin Jorgenson and Florence Bégué
13:30-14:00 POSTER PITCHES 2 P 2.11 – P 2.19 (3 min/poster)
14:00-14:15 Higgins O., Sheldrake T., Caricchi L. A data-driven approach to quantify the thermal-chemical architecture of arc volcanoes
14:15-14:30 Colon D., Schaltegger U., Seligman A., Bindeman I. Contrasting hot and cold rhyolitic caldera volcanism predating the Columbia River Flood Basalts, northwest USA
14:30-14:45 Klein B., Jagoutz O., Rezeau H. Rapid construction of continental arc crust during a high magma flux event: the Bear Valley Intrusive Suite, Sierra Nevada, CA, USA
14:45-15:00 Hakim K., Tian M., Bower D.J, Heng K. Seafloor Weathering on Oceanworlds
15:00-16:00 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Josh Vaughan and Francesca Piccoli
16:00-16:15 Liu J.H., Lanari P., Li Z., Wu C.M. Two types of metagabbros to study the meaning of garnet-dominant corona textures in metagabbro
16:15-16:30 Tamblyn R., Hand M., Morrissey L., Phillips G., Anczkiewicz R.,  Zack T. The petrological reocrd of eclogite polymetamorphism in an oceanic subduction channel
16:30-16:45 Vieira Duarte J., Pettke T., Piccoli F., Hermann J. Evolution of oxide-silicate geochemistry and systematics during subduction of hydrous ultramafic rocks (Central Alps, Switzerland)
16:45-17:00 Zhang Q.W.L., Lanari P., Li Z.M.G., Wu C.M. The discovery of retrograde eclogite in the Dunhuang Orogenic Belt, northwestern China

Posters Session 2:

P 2.1 Amrein A., Baumgartner L.P., Robyr M. Metamorphic gradient in the Nufenenpass area
P 2.2 Antoine C., Spikings R., Miletic Doric D., Marsh J.S., Gaynor S.P., Schaltegger U. Tracking Disturbances in the 40Ar-39Ar Isotopic System in Plagioclase Crystals of the Karoo Flood Basalts
P 2.3 Degen S., Allaz J., Krzemnicki M.S., Franz L., Reusser R. Characterisation of gem-quality spessartine-bearing metapelites from the northern Kaoko Belt, Namibia
P 2.4 Dominguez H., Lanari P., Riel N. Transport and impact of aqueous fluids in subduction settings: insight from coupling two-phase modelling and oxygen isotopes.
P 2.5 Espinel Pachón I.M., de Haller A., Kouzmanov K.,Tollan P., Spangenberg J. Mineralizing fluids in the Catalina Huanca carbonate-replacement Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, southern Peru.
P 2.6 Fonseca Teixeira L.M., Bachmann O., Allaz J. Magmatic to hydrothermal conditions in the transition from an A-type granite to a pegmatite in the Pikes Peak Batholith
P 2.7 Grocolas T., Toussaint A., Müntener O., Jossevel C. Low pressure crystal accumulation and melt segregation within the Western Adamello tonalite (Italy)
P 2.8 Jorgenson C., Higgins O., Petrelli M., Begue F., Caricchi L. A novel thermobarometer: how to use machine learning to discover the secrets of volcanoes
P 2.9 Lüder M., Hermann J., Reynes J., Tamblyn R. A new method to measure water in randomly oriented rutile grains
P 2.10 Markmann T., Lanari P. Metamorphic reactions as soft or hard triggers for fluid flows?
P 2.11 Musu A., Caricchi L., Perugini D., Corsaro R.A., Vetere F., Petrelli M. Growth and analysis of experimentally zoned crystals: the competition between crystal growth and elements diffusion
P 2.12 Peverelli V., Berger A., Mulch A., Pettke T., Piccoli F., Herwegh M. Pre-Alpine hydrothermal activity in the Aar Massif granitoids
P 2.13 Piccoli F., Rubatto D., Hermann J., Vitale Brovarone A. Dating fluid release and deformation in the ultramafic oceanic lithosphere using perovskite and titanite
P 2.14 Pierre S., Monecke T., Gysi A.P., Diamond L.W. Submarine hydrothermal vent fluid compositions reflect global tectonic petrogenesis
P 2.15 Reynes J., Hermann J., Lanari P., Bovay T. OH incorporation and retention in high pressure garnet from the Zermatt ophiolite
P 2.16 Sonmez S.U., Moritz R., Lavoie J., Golay T., Gialli S., Turlin F., Popkhadze N., Natsvlishvili M., Aydın Ü., Keskin S., Spangenberg J. Diversity of Late Cretaceous epithermal systems of the Georgian Bolnisi and Turkish Artvin Districts: Products of a single ore-forming system during final Neotethyan subduction
P 2.17 Sun Y., Schmitt A.K., Pappalardo L., Russo M. Quantification of excess 231Pa in late Quaternary igneous baddeleyite
3. Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry

3. Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry

Room: ()

Convenors session 3: Afifé El Korh, Nicolas Greber
, Andres Rüggeberg,

Chairperson:Afifé El Korh
09:00-09:15 Senger M.H., Schaltegger U., Rebeun N., Beukes N. New high-precision U-Pb zircon CA-ID-TIMS ages on the Paleoproterozoic Makganyene Formation, Griqualand West Basin, South Africa.
09:15-09:30 Ahmad Q., Wille M., Rosca C., Labidi J., König S. Anoxic conditions of Proterozoic deep oceans: Evidence from recycled sediments in plume-influenced MORBs.
09:30-09:45 Storck J.-C., Greber N.D., Pettke T., Müntener O. Molybdenum and titanium isotopic data of arc derived differentiates and cumulates
09:45-10:00 Pohlner J.E., El Korh A., Chiaradia M., McCammon C., Rubatto D., Klemd R., Grobéty B. Inter-mineral iron and oxygen isotope fractionation in eclogites of the Münchberg Massif (Germany)
10:00-10:15 Chatterjee S., Pandey Om P., Mezger K., Schmitt M K., Kooijman E. Strontium isotope analyses of matrix apatite and apatite incluions in zircon constrain the evolution of the Paleoarchean Singhbhum Craton
10:15-10:30 POSTER PITCHES 1 P 3.1 – P 3.4 (3 min/poster)
10:30-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Nicolas Greber
11:00-11:15 Kruttasch P.M., Anand A., Mezger K. Temporal and spatial constraints on the ureilite-forming region inferred from Cr isotopes
11:15–11:30 Anand A., Kruttasch P.M., Mezger K. 53Mn-53Cr chronological and ε54Cr-Δ17O geneological constrains on Erg Chech 002 parent body: source of the oldest andesite in the Solar System
11:30-11:45 Janssen D.J., Rickli J., Wille M., Hassler C.S., Vogel H., Jaccard S.L. Chromium cycling in euxinic basins: Implications for the δ53Cr paleoredox proxy from a modern system (Lake Cadagno, Ticino, Switzerland).
11:45-12:00 Vilela N., Vogel H., Greber N.D. Titanium isotopes in detrital sediments: A reliable proxy for the protoliths composition?
12:00-12:15 Damanik A., Wille M., Ahmad Q., Grosjean M., Cahyarini S.Y., Vogel H. Source-to-sink molybdenum (Mo) variability in the ultramafic bedrock-dominated catchment of Lake Towuti, Indonesia
12:15-13:45 Lunch time
Chairperson: Andres Rüggeberg
13:45-14:00 Clarkson M.O., Hennekam R., Sweere T.C., Andersen M.B., Reichart G.-J., Vance D. How to identify seafloor anoxia using carbonate U isotopes, despite oxidative diagenesis
14:00-14:15 Zakharov D., Zozulya D., Rubatto D., Colón D. Neoarchean Continental Exposure and Hydrological Cycle Recorded in a 2.67 Ga Magmatic-Hydrothermal System from Kola Craton, Russia
14:15-14:30 Saintilan N.J., Neff C., Delessert S., Sossi P.A., Tollan P.M., Guillong M., Hattendorf B., Allaz J.M., Petitgirard S., Ariztegui D., Farsang S., Chelle-Michou C., Günther D. Robustness of the bornite (Cu5FeS4) rhenium-osmium (187Re–187Os) geochronometer for the quantification of geological and hydrothermal processes – Constraints from microscale spatial distribution and mineralogical residency of rhenium
14:30-14:45 Fleischmann S., Chatterjee A., McManus J., Iyer S.D., Vance D. The oceanic budget of nickel: new concentration and isotope data from Mn-rich pelagic sediments
14:45-15:00 Shalev N., Bontognali T.R.R., Vance D. Sabkha dolomite as an archive for the magnesium isotope composition of seawater
15:00-15:15 POSTER PITCHES 2 P 3.5 – P 3.7 (3 min/poster)
15:15-16:00 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Nicolas Greber, Andres Rüggeberg, Afifé El Korh
16:00-16:15 Decraene M.-N., Marin-Carbonne J., Thomazo C., Bouvier A.-S., Brayard A., Olivier N. Heavy Fe isotope signatures in micropyrites at the Smithian-Spathian boundary (Early Triassic). canceled
16:15-16:30 Gaynor S.P., Svensen H.H., Polteau S., Schaltegger U. Local Melt Contamination and Global Climate Impacts: Geochronology of Karoo LIP Sills in Organic-Rich Shales
16:30-16:45 Adams A., Baumgartner L.P., Vennemann T., Daval D., Bernard S., Cisneros-Lazaro D., Baronnet A., Grauby O., Guo J., Stolarski J., Meibom A. Biogenic Carbonate Paleotemperature Records Biased by Grain Boundary Diffusion
16:45-17:00 de Souza G.F., Vance D., Sieber M., Conway T.M., Little S.H. Re-assessing the influence of particle-hosted sulphide formation on the marine cadmium cycle

Posters Session 3:

P 3.1 Blaser P., Pöppelmeier F., Kaboth-Bahr S., Gutjahr M., Frank M., Waelbroeck C., Jaccard S., Lippold J. Last Glacial Maximum Atlantic water mass provenance from a multi proxy compilation
P 3.2 de Carvalho C.F.M., Pati S.G. Accuracy of stable oxygen isotope measurements from -10 to 90 ‰
P 3.3 Gilliard D., Janssen D.J., Jaccard S.L. Ocean circulation and hydrothermal activity control the cycling of dissolved Cr in the oligotrophic South Pacific Ocean
P 3.4 Hoffmann J., Anand A., Mezger K. Mass-independent Ca and Cr isotope variations in chondritic components – Insights into Solar System evolution and planetary formation
P 3.5 Muesing K., Clarkson M.O., Vance D. A new perspective on the constraints on marine carbonate Zn isotope records
P 3.6 Ulrich M., Rubatto D., Hermann J., Deloule E. Isotopic disequilibrium during dehydration of subducted serpentinites (Zermatt-Saas unit)
P 3.7 Vesin C., Rubatto D., Pettke T., Deloule E. Tracking fluid uptakes during abyssal serpentinization of passive margins by oxygen isotope analysis of the serpentine phases
4. Environmental Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements
+ 5. Natural Organic Matter, Trace Metals and Nanoparticle Biogeochemistry

4. Environmental Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements
+ 5. Natural Organic Matter, Trace Metals and Nanoparticle Biogeochemistry


Convenors session 4: Adrien MestrotMoritz BigalkeMontserrat FilellaMarie Marques Fernandes,Vera I SlaveykovaAndreas VoegelinLenny Winkel, Isabelle A. Worms

Chairpersons: Maria Marques and Montserrat Filella
09:00-09:30 Wiggenhauser Matthias Invited talk: Metal isotope process tracing in plant science: a useful tool in plant science or just gymnastics for geochemists?
09:30-10:00 Jiskra Martin Invited talk: Unravelling atmospheric mercury deposition to the Earth surface with mercury stable isotopes
10:00-10:30 POSTER PITCHES P 4.1 – P 4.9 (3 min/poster)
10:30-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Andreas Voegelin and Moritz Bigalke
10:00-10:15 Le Bras Z., Bouchet S., Thyssen M., Grosso O., Winkel L.H.E. Seasonal variability in volatile selenium speciation at a coastal site in the Mediterranean Sea
10:15-10:30 Li C., Zhu W., Osterwalder S., Jiskra M., Nilsson M., Enrico M., Peng H., Bishop K. Critical observations of Hg concentration and stable isotope signatures in ambient and soil pore air in a boreal peatland
10:30-10:45 Mahat S., Stanisic L., Weber A., Ryser M.P., Mestrot A. Mercury in the terrestrial environment: bioaccumulation and biomonitoring in Switzerland
10:45-11:00 Chávez-Capilla T., Mukherjee M., Coll-Crespi M., Deonarine A., Berniel-Latmani R., Hapfelmeier S., Mestrot A. Microbiota-mediated transformations of arsenic species from rice in mammals
12:00-14:00 Lunch time
Chairpersons: Adrien Mestrot and Lenny Winkel
14:00-14:15 Tercier-Waeber M.-L., Abdou M., Dutruch L., Bossy C., Confalonieri F., Schäfer J. In situ monitoring of the potentially bioavailable fraction of a range of trace metals and study of the processes influencing their temporal concentrations
14:15-14:30 Gressard T., Layglon N., Tercier-Waeber M.-L. In situ autonomous voltammetric monitoring of the bioaccessible inorganic arsenic species
14:30-14:45 Barbosa N., Urquidi O., Jaquet J.-M., Adachi T., Filella M. Understanding BaSO4 microcrystal formation in the freshwater algae Spirogyra with laser tweezer Raman microspectroscopy and SEM observations
14:45-15:00 Worms I.A.M., Cossart T., Santos J., Trindade K., Slaveykova V.I. Characterization of dissolved organic matter (DOM) produced by phytoplankton and its mercury binding capacities using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation with multi-detection (AF4-MD)
15:00-16:00 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Vera Slaveykova and Isabelle Worms
16:00-16:15 Filella M., Matoušek T. Germanium in the environment: overview, equilibrium contant critical assessment and first lake chemical speciation study
16:15-16:30 Wielinski J., Jimenez-Martinez J., Göttlicher J., Steiniger R., Hug S., Berg M., Voegelin A. Micromodel study on the removal of arsenic from drinking water using zerovalent iron / sand filters
16:30-16:45 Schmidt F., Schäffer A., Lenz M. Soil as a potent, natural matrix for sequestration of leached lead from perovskite solar cells
16:45-17:00 Bachelder J., Tolu J., Wiggenhauser M., Winkel L., Frossard E. Characterization of soil processes that impact Zn and Cd uptake in wheat plants treated with organic fertilizers

Posters Session 4+5:

P 4.1 Guan H., Caggìa V., Coll Crespi M., Liu X., Gomez Chamorro A., Chavez-Capilla T., Ramette A., Mestrot A., Schläppi K.B., Bigalke M. The potential of indigenous microbes in supporting maize in the face of arsenic threats
P 4.2 Hul G., Ramseier Gentile S., Zimmermann S., Stoll S. Adsorption of CeO2 Nanoparticles onto Sand used in Drinking Water Treatment Plant
P 4.3 Layglon N., Abdou M., Massa F., Castellano M., Povero P., Bakker E., Tercier-Weber M.-L. Evaluation of dissolved Cu, Cd, Pb and Zn speciation in relation to Environmental Quality Guidance
P 4.4 Nenonen V., Kaegi R., Hug S.J., Mangold S., Göttlicher J., Winkel L.H.E., Voegelin A. Effect of Si, Ca, and Mg on phosphate co-precipitation with Fe and on P retention during precipitate aging
P 4.5 Noyer R., Stoll S., Ramirez Arenas L. Fate and removal efficiency of titanium oxide nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) in a conventional drinking water treatment plant
P 4.6 Reusser J.E., Winkel L., Kretzschmar R., Wächter D., Meuli R.G. Geochemical Soil Atlas of Switzerland
P 4.7 Worms I.A.M., Moulin E., Regier R., Kavanagh K., Slaveykova V.I. Natural organic matter as a modifier of Hg bioavailability to green algae
P 4.8 Viacava K., Mestrot A. Microbial Methylation of Antimony
P 4.9 Wey S., Matoušek T., Coster M., Loizeau J.-L., Filella M. ‘Dissolved’ arsenic speciation in Lake Geneva waters
P 4.10 Semeraro S., Rasmann R., Le Bayon C. Swiss Mountain Soil Ecology Project
6. Palaeontology

6. Palaeontology


Convenors session 6: Torsten Scheyer, Christian KlugLionel CavinAllison Daley

Chairperson: Alison C. Daley
09:30-09:45 Ovtcharova M., Ivantsov A., Linnemann U., Ivleva A., Ershova V., Nagovitsin A. U-Pb zircon ID-TIMS geochronology of the oldest biota of the Ediacaran White Sea assemblage (Summer Coast, NW Russia)
09:45-10:00 Potin G., Gueriau P., Daley A.C. Unique assemblage of suspension-feeding radiodonts from the Early Ordovician Fezouata Biota
10:00-10:15 Pérez–Peris F., Adrain J., Daley A.C. Phyologenetics and systematics of the trilobite subfamilies Cheirurinae and Deiphoninae: shedding light on the basal relationships
10:15-10:30 Lustri L., Gueriau P., Daley A.C. New specimens of Bunaia woodwardi Clarke 1919 (Euchelicerata, synziphosurine) provide insight into Euchelicerata and Vicissicaudata affinity
10:30-10:35 Pople J., Daley A., Gueriau P. Poster presentation
10:35-10:40 Stemmler D., Gerya T., Pellissier L., Stern R.J. Poster presentation
10:40-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Christian Klug
11:00-11:15 Jobbins M., Rüklin M., Ferron H., Klug C. Anatomical description of a selenosteid placoderm from the Late Devonian of the eastern Anti-Atlas (Morocco) and its ecomorphological reconstruction
11:15-11:30 Klug C., Lagnaoui A., Jobbins M., Haouz W.B., Najih A. Marine vertebrates from Romer’s Gap: a swimming trace from the latest Devonian of Morocco
11:30-11:45 Cavin L., Ferrante C., Manuelli L. News from Mesozoic coelacanths
11:45-12:00 Manuelli L., Cavin L. A new coelacanth from the Triassic of Lorraine
12:00-14:00 Lunch time
Chairperson: Torsten Scheyer
14:00-14:15 Evers S.W., Joyce W.G., Choiniere J.N., Ferreira G.S., Foth C., Hermanson G., Honyu Y., Johnson C., Werneburg I., Benson R.B.J. Ecomorphology and evolution of the vestibular organ of turtles
14:15-14:30 Joyce W.G., Landréat J.-L., Rollot Y. The Unexpecting Discovery of Snapping Turtles (Pan-Chelydridae) in the Middle Eocene of France
14:30-14:45 Hermanson G., Evers S.W., Farina B.M., Ferreira G.S., Langer M.C., Benson R.B.J. Ecological and functional controls that correlate with skull shape in turtles
14:45-15:00 Rollot Y., Evers S.W., Joyce W.G. Cranial anatomy and phylogeny of Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous paracryptodiran turtles
15:00-16:00 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Lionel Cavin
16:00-16:15 Bath Enright O., Daley A.C., Lustri L., Antcliffe J.B. Understanding the biases that control the preservation potential of different developmental stages in the marine shrimp, Palaemon varians
16:15-16:30 Vаsilyаn D., Mаul L., Bесkеr D., Mеyеr M., Bukhskiаnidzе M., Соstеur L., Mаyr G., Lаzаrеv S. First dаtа on Pliосеnе соntinеntаl fоssil rесоrd of Аrmеniа, Sоuthеrn Саuсаsus
16:30-16:45 Scheyer T.M., Kirwald K., Bregant P. Revision of the Triassic placodont material (Sauropterygia) from Switzerland
16:45-17:00 Foerster, F. Crystallographic characterization of sea urchin skeletal elements
17:00 PALEOPRIZE & End of oral presentations Presented by C. Klug, for the KSJP

Posters Session 6:

P 6.1 Pople J., Daley A., Gueriau P. 3D Taphonomy of Phosphatized Cambrian Arthropods
P 6.2 Stemmler D., Gerya T., Pellissier L., Stern R.J. Influence of plate tectonics on biodiversity
7. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology: processes and deposits through time

7. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology: processes and deposits through time


Convenors session 7: Alain MorardSébastien CastelltortUrsula Menkveld-GfellerReto BurkhalterOliver Kempf

Tracking climate change in sediments
Chairpersons: Alain Morard, Oliver Kempf
09:00-09:15 Vaucher R., Dashtgard S.E., Horng C.-H., Zeeden C. Dillinger A., Pan Y.-Y., Ari Setiaji R., Chi W.-R., Löwemark L. Sea level and sediment supply in Taiwan during the Early Pleistocene: A matter of precession.
09:15-09:30 Tremblin M., Minoletti F., Hermoso M., Desmares D. Evolution of the Atlantic meridional temperature gradient during the Paleogene: New insights from coccolith-derived temperatures.
09:30-09:45 Sharma N., Valero L., Watkins S., Vérité J., Prieur M., Puigdefabregas C., Whittaker A., Garces M., Guillocheau F., Adatte T., Castelltort S. Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum, fluvial paleohydraulic reconstruction and geochemical signals from the Escanilla sediment routing system (Spain).
09:45-10:00 Mair D., Do Prado A.H., Garefalakis P., Lechmann A., Schlunegger F. Uncertainty of grain size data from close-range UAV imagery in fluvial gravel bars.
10:00-10:30 POSTER PITCHES P 7.1 – P 7.8 (3 min / poster)
10:30-11:00 Break / chatroom
Space-time analysis: from 3D-architecture to detailed characterization Chairpersons: Oliver Kempf, Alain Morard
11:00-11:15 Carraro D., Ventra D., Moscariello A. Architectural analysis of a large fluvial-fan succession: An example from the Paleogene–Eocene Wasatch Formation (Utah, USA).
11:15-11:30 Harlet D., Douillet G.A., Ghienne J.-F., Razin P., Bouscary C., Dietrich P., Schlunegger F. Stratigraphic architecture of a siliciclastic shallow-marine platform: Insights from the Late Ordovician of Southern Morocco (Anti-Atlas).
11:30-11:45 Fucelli A. & Martini R. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Upper Triassic carbonates from Hosselkus Limestone and Luning Formation (Western USA).
11:45-12:00 Ruchat A., Lathuilière B., Wohlwend S., Deplazes G., Madritsch H., Eberli G., Eruteya O., Samankassou E. The Bajocian coral reefs of the “Herrenwis Unit” in North-Eastern Switzerland.
12:00-12:15 Nibourel L., Galfetti T., Grazioli S., Schumacher I., Schläfli S., Morgenthaler J., Heuberger S. Towards a semi-automated and faster identification of potential mineral resources.
12:15-14:00 Lunch time
Seismic and volcanic events in stratigraphy
Chairpersons: Sébastien Castelltort, Alain Morard
14:00-14:15 Tournier N., Vogel H., Fabbri S.C., Anselmetti F.S., Russell J.M., Bijaksana S., Cahyarini S.Y. Seismic event stratigraphy of tectonic Lake Towuti (Sulawesi, Indonesia): A 60 kyrs record of seismo-turbidites.
14:15-14:30 Banjan M., Crouzet C., Sabatier P., Jomard H., Bajard M., Demory F., Develle A.-L., Jenny J.-P.,  Findling N.,  Alain P., Clapot S., Messager E. Increased seismicity in the Alps at the Younger Dryas–Holocene transition.
14:30-14:45 Lаzаrеv S., Sahakyan L., Kuiper K., Vasiliev I., Caves J., Vаsilyаn D. Volcanoclastic trap of the Pliocene fauna in the Lesser Caucasus: Depositional environments and integrated stratigraphy of the new locality Jradzor (Armenia).
14:45-15:00 Karabeyoglu A.U, Adatte T., Lorenzo V., Spangenberg J., Özkan-Altiner S., Altiner D. The Deccan volcanic activity and its environmental and ecologic consequences across the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary: Examples from Neo-Tethys in Turkey.
15:00-15:15 Paul A.N., Edward O., Adatte T., Vennemann T., Schaltegger U., Bucher H. Temporal bracketing of geochemical excursions in stratigraphic sequences by ID-TIMS U-Pb zircon dating.
15:15-16:00 Break / chatroom

Posters Session 7:

P 7.1 Moscariello A., Ventra D., Cervelli M., Eruteya O.E., Omodeo Salé S., Makhloufi Y. Revisiting the origin of the Carboniferous infill of Swiss post-Hercynian troughs: Insights from the Weiach-1 borehole (northern Switzerland).
P 7.2 Frund F.E.,  Fellin M.G., Picotti V., Willet S.D. Provenance of the Habkern Granite and the Wilfdflysch based on an integrated geo-thermochronologic approach.
P 7.3 Bekonga B.G.S., Yem M.,  Atangana J.Q.Y., Nkoa E.P.N.,  Biouele S.E.A., Yakufu Niyazi Y., Eruteya O.E. Evolution and morphology of a Late Cretaceous submarine channel system in the Kribi/Campo sub-basin, offshore Cameroon.
P 7.4 Prieur M., Whittaker A.C., Schlunegger F., Sømme T.O., Braun J., Castelltort S. Impact of an abrupt climate change on sediment fluxes from source to sink: An example from the PETM in the Southern Pyrenees (Spain).
P 7.5 Jaimes-Gutierrez R., Adatte T., Puceat E., Braun J., Castelltort S. Chemical weathering intensity linked with extreme global warming during PETM: Insights from the Southern Pyrenees (Spain).
P 7.6 Kobakhidze N., Lebanidze Z., Beridze T., Makadze D., Uchman A., Chagelishvili R., Lobzhanidze K., Khutsishvili S., Koiava K., Khundadze N. Trace fossils in Paleocene–Lower Eocene deep-sea sediments of the eastern segment of the Achara–Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt.
P 7.7 Lebanidze Z., Uchman A., Beridze T., Kobakhidze N., Lobzhanidze K., Khutsishvili S., Makadze D., Chagelishvili R., Khundadze N., Koiava K. The trace fossil Polykampton Georgianum Horizon in the Paleocene deposits of the Achara–Trialeti fold-and-thrust belt (Georgia).
P 7.8 Maqadze D., Rice S., Maqadze M., Kobakhidze N. The study of main lithofacies types of Bertakari low-sulphidation epithermal deposit (Bolnisi ore field, Southern Georgia).
8. Seismic Hazard and Risk in Switzerland: From Science to Mitigation

8. Seismic Hazard and Risk in Switzerland: From Science to Mitigation


Convenors session 8: Donat Fäh, Katrin Beyer, Blaise Duvernay

Chairpersons: Blaise Duvernay, Donat Fäh
09:00-09:15 Bergamo P., Janusz P., Panzera F., Perron V., Imtiaz A., Fäh D. National and local site amplification models from the Earthquake Risk Model for Switzerland project
09:15-09:30 Glueer F., Fäh D., Mreyen A.-S., Cauchie L., Havenith H.-B. Comparison of the seismic response of different compartments within the very slow-moving Heinzenberg Landslide, Switzerland
09:30-09:45 Reuland Y., Bodenmann L., Martakis P., Stojadinovic B., Chatzi E. Improving early post-earthquake regional damage assessment in Switzerland
09:45-10:00 Janusz P., Perron V., Knellwolf C., Imperatori W., Bonilla L.F., Fäh D. The currect state of the local site amplification model for the city of Lucerne
10:00-10:15 Imtiaz A., Panzera F., Hallo M., Dresmann H., Steiner B., Fäh D. Application of multizonal transdimensional Bayesian inversion method for developing a 3D geophysical model in Basel, Switzerland
10:15-10:30 Poster Pitches P 8.1 – P 8.5 (3 min/poster)
10:30-11:00 Break / chatroom

Posters Session 8:

P 8.1 Hallo M., Bergamo P., Fäh D. Depth-to-surface ground motion amplification as revealed by our stochastic model and empirical data from Japanese KiK-net stations
P 8.2 Häusler M., Gischig V., Thöny R., Glueer F., Fäh D. The dynamic response of the Brienz/Brinzauls rock slope instability
P 8.3 Lontsi A.M., Shynkarenko A., Hobiger M., Bergamo P., Kremer K., Fäh D. Full microtremor horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio inversion for the characterization of Swiss borehole and OBS sedimentary sites
P 8.4 Panzera F., Bergamo P., Chieppa D., Danciu L., Hallo M., Imperatori W., Fäh D. Design-compatible waveforms for Switzerland: preliminary results
P 8.5 Toledo T., Kraft T., Simon V., Herrmann M., Villiger L., Antunes V., Diehl T. The QuakeMatch Toolbox: the swiss-army-knife approach to a nearly automatic analysis for microearthquake sequences
9. Deep geothermal energy, CO2-storage and energy-related exploration of the subsurface

9. Deep geothermal energy, CO2-storage and energy-related exploration of the subsurface


Convenors session 9: Marie Violay
Christophe NussbaumBenoît Valley, and Larryn Diamond

Chairpersons: L. Diamond, C. Nussbaum
09:00-09:15 Eruteya O.E., Omodeo Salé S., Makhloufi Y., Guglielmetti L., Moscariello A. Unravelling the 3D geometry and nature of sedimentary infill of the Permo-Carboniferous Grabens in St Gallen, Northern Switzerland: Implication on Geo-energy prospectivity
09:15-09:30 Hau K.P., Games F., Lathion R., Saar M.O. Conceptual study about isolating CO2 in the geological subsurface of the greater Eclépens area while producing geothermal energy
09:30-09:45 Guglielmetti L., Danillidis A, Valley B, Moscariello A Favourability assessment for high temperature aquifer thermal energy (HT-ATES) storage in Switzerland based on play fairway analysis approach
09:45-10:00 van den Heuvel D.B., Richards J.P., Alt-Epping P., Wanner Ch., Diamond L.W. Sandstones of the Lower Freshwater Molasse as reservoirs for high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES) – properties and expected mineral reactions
10:00-10:45 Break / Chatroom
POSTER PITCHES (3 min. / poster) Chairpersons: L. Diamond, C. Nussbaum, B. Valley, M. Violay
10:45-10:48 Alt-Epping P., Diamond L.W., van den Heuvel D.B., Wanner C. System-scale simulation of the thermal evolution and geochemical processes of the planned aquifer heat-storage (HT-ATES) project at Forsthaus, Bern, Switzerland
10:48-10:51 André M., Valley B., Sohrabi R. Characterization of fractured and karstified limestone reservoir for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)
10:51-10:54 Richards J.P., di Lorenzo F., van den Heuvel D.B., Diamond L.W. Experimental assessment of calcite scaling occurring during high-temperature aquifer thermal energy storage (HT-ATES)
10:54-10:57 Carbajal D., Peiffer L., Diamond L.W., Wanner C. Exploration of amagmatic orogenic, fault-hosted geothermal systems using coupled thermal-hydraulic simulations
10:57-11:00 Crinière A., Moscariello A. Reservoir geology of the Cretaceous-Cenozoic Transition in the context of geothermal exploration in the Geneva Basin and neighbouring France (Switzerland & France)
11:00-11:03 Guglielmetti L., Mondino F., Moscariello A., Perozzi L., Strobbia C. Improved onshore subsurface seismic imaging: examples from the geothermal province of Tuscany (Italy)
11:07-11:10 Milo A., Valley B., Sohrabi R. Thermo-Hydraulic behaviour in fractured limestone for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)
11:10-11:13 Figura F., Giorgetti C., Lebihain M., Violay M. Evolution of the rate and state frictional parameters of carbonate bearing faults at the brittle-to-ductile transition
11:13-11:16 Guggisberg A., Lébihain M., Violay M. Effect of water on mode I crack propagation on sandstones
11:16-11:19 Paglialunga F., Passelègue F., Lebihain M., Violay M. On the scale dependence in the dynamics of frictional rupture
11:19-11:22 Zabihian F., Sohrabi R., Valley B. Preliminary results from the analysis of stress profiles in deep geothermal reservoirs
11:22-11:25 Bröker K., Ma X., Doonechaly N.G., Wenning Q., Zhang S.,Hertrich M., Giardini D. Hydro-geomechanical characterisation for upcoming hydraulic stimulation experiments at the Bedretto Underground Laboratory
11:29-11:32 Antunes V., Kraft T., Roth P., Toledo T., Wiemer S. Results from the GEOEBST2020+ baseline seismic monitoring in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva
11:32-11:35 Houlie N., Martin F., Guglielmetti L., Meyer M. Monitoring geothermal field Geo-01 using GPSs, seismometer and inclinometers.
11:35-11:38 Kraft T., Antunes V., Roth P., Wiemer S. GEOBEST2020+: a framework for cantonal authorities to deal with induced seismicity risk in deep geothermal energy
11:38-11:41 Lanza F., Wiemer S. The DEEP Project: Innovation for De-Risking Enhanced Geothermal Energy Projects
11:41-11:45 Lei Q., Brixel B. Fluid Injection-Induced Off-Fault Deformation and Seismicity in Shallow Crustal Faults: Preliminary Results from Fully-Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Simulations
4′ reserve
11:49-11:51 Moein MJA Linkage between seismogenic index and fault network during fluid injections
11:51-11:54 Momeni S., Lu G., Lecampion B. Automatic passive acoustic emission-microseismic monitoring using a parallel algorithm; A case study of a hydraulic-fracturing experiment
11:54-11:57 Muñoz F., Calò M., Lupi M., Reyes V. Dedicated seismic study of the Domo de San Pedro geothermal field Nayarit, Mexico
11:57-12:00 Passarelli L., Rinaldi A.P.,Grigoratos I., Ciardo F., Broccardo M., Lanza F., Wiemer S. How good are existing seismicity models at forecasting induced seismicity in EGS?
12:00-14:00 Lunch time
Chairpersons: B. Valley, M. Violay
13:40–14:00 Gaucher E.C. Exploration for Native Hydrogen
HYDRAULIC FRACTURING Chairpersons: B. Valley, M. Violay
14:00-14:15 Lecampion B., Sáez A., Lu G. Numerical modeling of fluid-induced crack growth for hydraulic stimulation design
14:15-14:30 Castilla R., Dyer B., Bethmann F., Alcolea A., Christe F., Serbeto F., Meier P., Hertrich M. Preliminary analysis of hydraulic shear stimulations in the Bredretto Lab: The link with natural fractures
14:30-14:45 Ritz V.A., Rinaldi A.P., Wiemer S. Evaluating injection strategies for EGS from the temporal evolution of the Gutenberg-Richter b-value.
15:45-15:00 Peruzzo C., Capron J., Lecampion B. The breakthrough time of a hydraulic fracture contained between two tough layers.
15:00-16:00 Break / chatroom
INDUCED SEISMICITY Chairpersons: B. Valley, M. Violay
16:00-16:15 Fryer B., Giorgetti C., Passelègue F., Violay M. The Effect of Fault Roughness on Bare Surfaces in Load-Controlled Biaxial Experiments
16:15-16:30 Giorgetti C., Violay M. The effect of fluid chemistry on the friction of carbonate faults
16:30-16:45 Shi P., Tuinstra K., Lanza F., Grigoli F., Rinaldi A.P., Fichtner A., Wiemer S. Towards Real-time Monitoring of Induced Microseismicity in Enhanced Geothermal Systems
10. Scientific Drilling is Going Strong, Scientific Drilling Matters!

10. Scientific Drilling is Going Strong, Scientific Drilling Matters!

Convenors session 10: Miriam AndresAnders McCarthy, Judith McKenzie, Camille ThomasHelmut Weissert

Chairpersons: Anders McCarthy, Helmut Weissert
09:00-09:15 Haas M., Plötze M., Moscariello A. Geo-engineering feasibility study of CERN’s 90-100 km subsurface infrastructure in the Geneva Basin
09:15-09:30 Schaller S., Anselmetti F., Buechi M.W., Fiebig M., Gabriel G., Kroemer E., Preusser F., Reitner J., Schuster B., Tanner D., Wielandt-Schuster U. ICDP Project DOVE (Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys): First results from the Basadingen Borehole
09:30-09:45 Liu Y., Greenwood A., Hetényi G., Baron L., Scarponi M., Müntener O., Holliger K. Geophysical surveys in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone: Novel approaches for interpreting steeply dipping structures
09:45-10:00 Magnabosco C. Life in the Swiss underground and implications for the habitability of other planets
10:00-11:00 Break / Chatroom
Chairpersons:Judith McKenzie, Camille Thomas
11:00-11:15 Vogel H., Haberzettl T., Kipfer R., Daut G., Wonik T., Ariztegui D., Berg J., Thomas C., Magnabosco C., Wang J., Zhu L., Spiess V., Barbolini N., Clarke L., Henderson A., van der Woerd J., Waldmann N. The Nam Co Drilling Project, Tibet (NamCore): towards retrieving a one million year sedimentary record from the third pole
11:15-11:30 Le Houedec S., Mojtahid M., Ciobanu M., Jorry S.J., Bouhdayad F.Z., Guyonneau E., Sourice S., Toucanne S. Deglacial to Holocene environmental changes in the northern Ligurian Sea (core KESC9-14)
11:30-11:45 Hernández‐Almeida I., Saavedra-Pellitero M., Cabarcos E., Flores J.A., Sierro F.J., Baumann K.H. Coupled coccolith-based temperature and productivity reconstructions in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific during the last deglaciation and the Holocene
11:45-12:00 Zhang H., Liu C., Hernández‐Almeida I., Mejía L.M., Stoll H.M. High and low latitude controls on Mid-Brunhes Coccolithophore Bloom and implications on ocean carbon cycle
12:00-14:00 Lunch time
Chairpersons: Miriam Andres, Anders McCarthy, Camille Thomas
14:00 -15:00 POSTER PITCHES Posters 10.1 – 10.12 (3 min. / poster)
15:00-16:00 Break / Chatroom
Keynote presentation
Chairpersons: Judith McKenzie, Helmut Weissert
16:00-16:30 Früh-Green G.L, Orcutt B.N, Bernasconi S.M, Lilley M.D, Kelley D.S., IODP Expedition 357 Science Party Magmatism, hydrothermal alteration and life at slow-spreading ridges: Insights from Lost City and drilling the Atlantis Massif (cancelled)
16:30-17:00 Future of Scientific Drilling: Informal Discussion

Posters Session 10:

P 10.1 Müntener O., Hétenyi G., Rubatto D., Hermann J., Holliger K. Exploring the lower continental crust: geology, geophysics, and the Ivrea drilling project DIVE
P 10.2 Greenwood A., Baron L., Hetényi G., DIVE Site Survey 2019 Field Team & project DIVE Team Siting the DIVE DT-1a drillhole – from geology and geomorphology to modeling and seismic imaging
P 10.3 Pasiecznik D., Greenwood A., Baron L., Hetényi G., Bleibinhaus F. A high-resolution seismic survey across the Balmuccia Peridotite, Ivrea Zone, Italy – Project DIVE phase two, site investigation
P 10.4 Pistone M., Ziberna L., Hetényi G., Scarponi M., Zanetti A., Müntener O. Joint Geophysical-Petrological Modeling on the Ivrea Geophysical Body Beneath Valsesia, Italy: Constraints on the Continental Lower Crust prior to Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE (DIVE)
P 10.5 Fiebig M., Anselmetti F., Buechi M.W., Gabriel G., Kroemer E., Preusser F., Reitner J., Schaller S., Schuster B., Tanner D.C., Wielandt-Schuster U. Drilling overdeepened Eastern Alpine valleys and basins
P 10.6 Schuster B., Tanner D.C., Gabriel G., Burschil T., Wonik T., Preusser F., Anselmetti F., Buechi M.W., Schaller S., Fiebig M., Wielandt-Schuster U. Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys: First results from the Tannwald Borehole
P 10.7 Montillier A., Pappalardo G., Samankassou E., Spezzaferri S. & the RESILIENCE Project Partners undeRstanding coral thErmal bleaching threSholds during past InterglacIaL extremes: Insight into thermal strEss dyNamics on tropical Coral reef Ecosystems (RESILIENCE)
P 10.8 Stoll H.M., Guitian J., Hernandez-Almeida I., Palike H., Pena L. 87Sr/86Sr to reconcile chronology and weathering  through the Oligocene
P 10.9 Guitián J., Hernández-Almeida I., Fuertes M.A., Flores J.A., Stoll H. Response of Coccolithophores to the Oligocene – Miocene Dynamic System: Size and Degree of Calcification
P 10.10 Weidlich R., Bialik O.M., Rueggeberg A., Grobéty B., Vennemann T., Makovsky Y., Foubert A. Morphological and Geochemical Characterisation of south-eastern Mediterranean Seep Carbonates
P 10.11 Thomas C., Vogel H., Ariztegui D. Microbes as probes of past and present environmental changes recorded in lake sediments
P 10.12 Rodriguez P., Berg J., Deng L., Vogel H., Lever M.A. , Magnabosco C. Vertical variation of the microbial community structure and functional potential in an 8000-year sediment sequence from Lake Cadagno (Piora Valley, Switzerland)
11. Quaternary environments: landscapes, climate, ecosystems and human activity during the past 2.6 million years

11. Quaternary environments: landscapes, climate, ecosystems and human activity during the past 2.6 million years

Room: (B)

Convenors session 11: Marc LuetscherStefanie Wirth, Catharina Dieleman, Loren Eggenschwiler, Jean-Nicolas Haas, René Löpfe and Bigna Steiner

Chairpersons: Marc Luetscher, Catharina Dieleman
09:00-09:15 Gegg L., Anselmetti F.S., Deplazes G., Fuelling A., Madritsch H., Mueller D., Preusser F., Buechi M.W. The Mid-Pleistocene Record of the Lower Aare Valley (northern Switzerland)
09:15-09:30 Roattino T., Buoncristiani J.-F., Crouzet C., Vassallo R., Carcaillet J., Gribenski N., Valla P. Cosmogenic exposure dating of the last glacial extension in western French Alps.
09:30-09:45 Serra E., Valla P.G., Gribenski N., Magrani F., Carcaillet J., Deline P. Post-LGM glacial history of the Dora Baltea catchment (western Italian Alps)
09:45-10:00 POSTER PITCHES 1 P 11.1 – P 11.5 (3 min/poster) chaired by Jean-Nicolas Haas, Marius Buchi
10:00-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairpersons: Stefanie Wirth,  Loren Eggenschwiler
11:00-11:15 Islam N., Vennemann T., Lane S.N. Changes in the growth of tree-rings and their water sources in relation to climatic changes in the Turtmanntal catchment, Switzerland
11:15-11:30 Vainer S., Matmon A., Ben Dor Y., Verrecchia E., ASTER Team Eolian chronology reveals causal links of tectonics and climate with coeval erg generation
11:30-11:45 Rapuc W., Bouchez J., Sabatier P., Gaillardet J., Arnaud F. Quantitative evaluation of the impact of human and climate forcing on erosion in the Alpine Critical Zone over the Holocene
11:45-12:00 Mokatse T., Vainer S., Irving J., Schmidt C., Shemang E., Verrecchia E.P. Geometry and nature of landforms in the Chobe Enclave, Northern Botswana: evidence from near-surface geophysical surveys and optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL)
12:00-12:15 POSTER PITCHES 2 P 11.6 – P 11.10 (3 min/poster) chaired by Jean-Nicolas Haas, Marius Buchi
12:15-14:00 Lunch time
Chairpersons: René Löpfe, Bigna Steiner
14:00-14:15 Hächler L., Beffa G., Zander P., Tinner W., Grosjean M. High resolution record of primary productivity and anoxia in the context of the environmental history of Lago di Mezzano, Central Italy, since the Late Glacial
14:15-14:30 Martin C., Richter N., Schubert C., Dubois N. Alkenones in Swiss lakes: first results and future applications
14:30-14:45 Studer A.S., Wörmer L., Vogel H., Dubois N., Bartosiewicz M., Hinrichs K.-U., Lehmann M.F. First application of the diatom-bound nitrogen isotope paleo-proxy to reconstruct lacustrine eutrophication in Lake Lugano
14:45-15:00 Zander P.D., Żarczyński M., Tylmann W., Rainford S.-K., Grosjean M. Seasonal climate signals preserved in biochemical varves: insights from novel high-resolution biogeochemical imaging techniques
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee

Posters Session 11:

P11.1 Flöter S., Fietzke J., Frank N., Freiwald A. The potential of the deep-sea bamboo coral Acanella arbuscula (Octocorallia: Isididae) for environmental reconstruction
P11.2 Gabriel I., Plunkett G., Abbott P., Oladottir B., McConnell J., Hoerhold M., Sigl M. Unlocking the secrets of past Icelandic volcanism with tephra
P11.3 Lloren R.,  Cochrane E., Augustinus P., Prebble M., Dubois N. The voyage of Humans in the South Pacific: the view from Lake Lanotō, Sāmoa
P11.4 Kremer K., Betschart S., Bernet N., Mitrano D.M. Lake sediments as archives of microplastic pollution
P11.5 Dziomber L., Gurtner L., Leunda M., Schwörer C. A palaeoecological reconstruction of Holocene vegetation dynamics in the Eastern Swiss Alps
P11.6 Kaelin D., Thew N., Cuenca-Bescós G., Urresti I., Buechi M.W., Deplazes G. The Hasli Formation – an exceptional record of Early Pleistocene interglacial sediments in Northern Switzerland
P11.7 Bolliger D., Buechi M. Early retreat of Thur Glacier: New insights form mapping the sediment-landform assemblage in the tongue basin of Andelfingen
P11.8 Lechleitner F.A., Day C.C., Kost O., Wilhelm M., Haghipour N., Henderson G.M., Stoll H.M. Increasing soil respiration over the last deglaciation reconstructed from stalagmites – a coupled multi-proxy and forward modelling approach
P11.9 Luetscher M., Jeannin P.-Y. Tracking extreme flood records in speleothems
P11.10 Rowan S., Luetscher M., Szidat S., Lechleitner L. Stalagmite organic carbon as a novel paleoecosystem proxy? Implications from a high resolution cave process study.
12. Soil: Formation, Processes, and Conservation (Canceled)
13. Geomorphology

13. Geomorphology


Convenors session 13: Cristian ScapozzaNikolaus KuhnDorota Czerski, Caroline Bolliger, Reynald DelaloyeIsabelle Gärtner-RoerElisa GiacconeChristoph Graf, Isabelle KullMario KummertChristophe Lambiel, Géraldine RegoliniJulie Wee

Chairperson: Reynald Delaloye, Cristian Scapozza
09:00-09:15 Giaccone E., Oriani F., Tonini M., Lambiel C. Mariéthoz G. Semi-automated geomorphological mapping: a first attempt in the Swiss Alpine environment
09:15-09:30 Mourey J., Ravanel L., Lambiel L Mapping climate-change related processes affecting mountaineering itineraries. Application to the Valais Alps (Switzerland)
09:30-09:45 Shynkarenko A., Kremer K., Stegmann S., Bergamo P., Lontsi A.M., Roesner A, Hammerschmidt S., Kopf A., Fäh D. Geotechnical investigations and slope stability analysis in Lake Lucerne
09:45-10:00 Bandou D.T., Schlunegger F., Kissling E., Marti U., Schwenk M., Schläfli P., Douillet G.A., Mair D. Gravity modelling of overdeepenings fill in the Bern area
10:00-10:15 POSTER PITCHES P 13.1 – P 13.3 (4 min. / poster)
10:15-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Cristian Scapozza, Reynald Delaloye
11:00-11:15 Del Siro C., Lambiel C., Scapozza C., Perga M.E. Water origin and quality of rock glacier springs. Case studies in the Swiss Alps.
11:15-11:30 del Hoyo J., Vennemann T., Vauridel M., Ruiz-Villanueva V. Using stable isotopes to fingerprint the origin of instream wood at the river basin scale
11:30-11:45 Aarnink J., Vuaridel M., Ruiz-Villanueva V. Monitoring instream large wood transport in rivers, using video cameras, deep learning and RFID
11:45-12:00 Peleg N., Skinner C., Ramirez J.A., Fatichi S., Molnar P. Rainfall heterogeneity accelerates hydro-morphological processes
12:00-12:15 Vos H.C., Fister W., Kuhn N.J. The surface conditions of dust emission from the sandy croplands in the Free State, South Africa
12:00-14:00 Lunch time

Posters Session 13:

P 13.1 De Pedrini A., Giacomazzi D., Scapozza C., Ambrosi C., Manconi A. Role of the last deglaciation on the timing of collapsing of large rock slope failures in the Southern Swiss Alps
P 13.2 Finch B., Ruiz-Villanueva V. Application of the Graph Theory to instream large wood supply and transfer to define the wood cascade in fluvial networks
P 13.3 Schmidt C., Laag C., Whitehead M., Kereszturi G., Profe J. The complexities assessing volcanic hazards along the Cameroon Volcanic Line using spatial distribution of monogenetic volcanoes
14. Hydrology and Hydrogeology

14. Hydrology and Hydrogeology


Convenors session 14: Peter MolnarDaniel HunkelerChristophe LienertSandra PoolMichael SinreichMassimiliano ZappaSanja Hosi

Chairperson: Peter Molnar
09:00-09:15 Müller T. et al. Hydrogeomorphological Assessment of Future Water Availability for Ecosystem Development in Proglacial Catchments
09:15-09:30 Sonney R. et al. Mapping piezometric fluctuations in the Rhone valley: results of over 40 year of monitoring
09:30-09:45 Brett-Adams A.C., Diamond L.W. Permeability available for hydrothermal fluid flow in altered and fractured lavas in the oceanic crust, Semail ophiolite, Oman
09:45-10:00 Becker D., Epting J. Thermal impact of urban subsurface structures on groundwater temperatures in the city of Basel
10:00-11:00 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Sandra Pool
10:15-10:30 Jeannin P.-Y., Sinreich M. Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) by karst groundwater on the Swiss plateau
10:30-10:45 Kong X.-Z. et al. Laser-induced fluorescence study of solute mixing in 3D-printed fractured porous media
10:45-11:00 Moeck C. et al. Joint use of 3H/3He apparent age and on-site helium analysis to identify groundwater flow dynamics and transport of PCE
11:00-12:00 Poster Pitches (2 min/poster) Poster P14.1-P14.9 / P15.1–P15.10 (joint session with Session 15)
12:00-13:15 Lunch time
13:15-14:00 Hydrobiology and Limnology award joint contribution with Session 15
Chairperson: Christophe Lienert
14:00-14:15 Walder S. et al. Application of soil water potential threshold in Swiss landslide early warning systems
14:15-14:30 Wechsler T. et al. Implementing lake regulations into a hydrological model to disentagle climatic and regulatory impacts
14:30-14:45 Collin R. et al. Development of a Forecasting Tool for Groundwater Levels in Valais Using Artificial Intelligence
14:45-15:00 Jola S. et al. Hybrid Hydrological Modeling for Sub-seasonal Droughts Forecasts – A Combination of Traditional Models and Machine Learning Techniques for Streamflow and Lake Level Predictions For the Alpine Aare Basin
15:00-15:15 Brunner M. et al. Shedding light on the extreme precipitation-flood paradox in a warming climate using a hydro-SMILE
15:30-15:45 Poster award Session Chairperson: Dorothea Hug Peter (SGHL, WSL) (joint contribution with Session 15)
15:45-17:00 Break / chatroom

Posters Session 14 + 15:

P 14.1 Acciardo A. et al. Initial investigations into microbial dynamics and biogeochemical cycling in the Bedretto Tunnel
P 14.2 Arnoux M. et al. Geostatistical piezometric products in the Rhone valley: tools for groundwater management and protection. (cancelled, see presentation by Sonney et al. @ 09:15 )
P 14.3 Collenteur R.A. et al. Exploratory study on the application of time series models to simulate groundwater levels and estimate recharge in Switzerland
P 14.4 Fluixa-Sanmartin J. et al. Impacts of climate change-influenced hydrology on dam failure risks
P 14.5 Moeck C. CH-GNet – Swiss Groundwater Network
P 14.6 Moradi H. et al. Mobilization of toxic elements in high-alpine streams of the Eastern Alps: monitoring strategy and first results
P 14.7 Shekhar A. et al. Understanding sources of isotopic mismatch of tree water and soil water of a sub-alpine coniferous forest
P 14.8 Wiersma P. et al. The Value of Synthetic High-resolution Daily Snow Cover Maps for Long-term Hydrological Modeling
P 14.9 Zhao C. et al. Groundwater Drainage-Induced Rock Mass Deformation during the Gotthard Base Tunnel Excavation in the Swiss Alps: 3D Modelling and Comparison to Field Measurements
P 15.1 Bandli et al. Life at the extreme – high alpine springs and glacial outflows in the Lauterbrunnen valley (BE)
P 15.2 Bärenbold et al. Towards a Swiss lake temperature monitoring network
P 15.3 Doda et al. Cross-shore transport induced by differential cooling in lakes
P 15.4 Dürrenberger Hydrogeochemistry of Black Forest springs from Germany: Insights from physical and hydrogeochemical parameters, stable isotopes and Macroinverterbrates
P 15.5 Frey et al. Influence of preservatives on stable isotopes of nitrous oxide in aquatic environments
P 15.6 Ibelings et al. Variation in Lake Geneva seston C:P as a function of phytoplankton species identity and P-levels
P 15.7 Maner et al. RAINBOWflow CHIPonline: An impedance-based biosensor for water quality monitoring using permanent fish cell lines
P 15.8 Many et al. Predicting CO2 Dynamics In Lake Geneva Using A Deep Learning Approach (LSTM RNN)
P 15.9 Pasche et al. Temporal and spatial variations in the composition and fluxes of settling particles in Lake Geneva
P 15.10 Rotta et al. Microplastics in Lake Lugano: vertical distribution and colonization by microorganisms
15. Limnology in Switzerland

15. Limnology in Switzerland


Convenors session 15: Damien BouffardMichael DöringDorothea Hug PeterNatacha Tofield-Pasche

Chairpersons: Natacha Pasche, Gaël Many
09:00-09:15 Van Grinsven et al. The role of oxygen and substrate origin in shaping methane producing communities in lakes
09:15-09:30 Escoffier et al. Fine scale dynamics of calcite precipitation in a large hardwater lake unveiled from high-frequency sensor data
09:30-09:45 Lepori et al. Trophic propagation of production loss in a deep lake
09:45-10:00 Perolo et al. Is gross primary production carbon-limited in Lake Geneva?
10:00-10:15 Mini-break 
SESSION 2 Chairpersons: Natacha Pasche, Gaël Many
10:15-10:30 Piton et al. Suspended sediments in Lake Geneva: Observations, settling behaviour and mechanisms in the Rhône River plume
10:30-10:45 Piccolroaz et al. Near-surface convection under the combined effect of cooling and radiative heating: the case of Lake Geneva
10:45-11:00 Mettra et al. Detailed hydrodynamics of cold density currents generated by differential cooling along the sloping bed of Lake Geneva
11:00-12:00 Poster Pitches (2 min/poster) Poster P14.1-P14.9 / P15.1–P15.10 (joint session with Session 14)
12:00-13:15 Lunch time
13:15-14:00 Hydrobiology and Limnology award joint contribution with Session 14
Chairpersons: Michael Doering, Dorothea Hug Peter
14:00-14:15 Strigaro et al. An open and cost-effective monitoring system for the protection and management of lake ecosystems
14:15-14:30 Forrest et al. Submersible Probe with In-line Calibration and Symmetrical Reference Element for Long-term Continuous Measurements
14:30-14:45 Von Fumetti Long-term research on springs and headwaters in the Engiadina Val Müstair UNESCO biosphere reserve
14:45-15:00 Carratalà et al. Spatiotemporal dynamics of bacteria communities in Lake Geneva.
15:00-15:15 Ajallooeian et al. Seasonal temperature variability on freshwater branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers: a mesocosm approach
15:30-15:45 Poster award Chairperson: Dorothea Hug Peter (SGHL, WSL) (joint contribution with Session 14)
15:45-17:00 Break / chatroom

Posters Session 14 + 15:

P 14.1 Acciardo A. et al. Initial investigations into microbial dynamics and biogeochemical cycling in the Bedretto Tunnel
P 14.2 Arnoux M. et al. Geostatitical piezometric products in the Rhone valley: tools for groundwater management and protection
P 14.3 Collenteur R.A. et al. Exploratory study on the application of time series models to simulate groundwater levels and estimate recharge in Switzerland
P 14.4 Fluixa-Sanmartin J. et al. Impacts of climate change-influenced hydrology on dam failure risks
P 14.5 Moeck C. CH-GNet – Swiss Groundwater Network
P 14.6 Moradi H. et al. Mobilization of toxic elements in high-alpine streams of the Eastern Alps: monitoring strategy and first results
P 14.7 Shekhar A. et al. Understanding sources of isotopic mismatch of tree water and soil water of a sub-alpine coniferous forest
P 14.8 Wiersma P. et al. The Value of Synthetic High-resolution Daily Snow Cover Maps for Long-term Hydrological Modeling
P 14.9 Zhao C. et al. Groundwater Drainage-Induced Rock Mass Deformation during the Gotthard Base Tunnel Excavation in the Swiss Alps: 3D Modelling and Comparison to Field Measurements
P 15.1 Bandli et al. Life at the extreme – high alpine springs and glacial outflows in the Lauterbrunnen valley (BE)
P 15.2 Bärenbold et al. Towards a Swiss lake temperature monitoring network
P 15.3 Doda et al. Cross-shore transport induced by differential cooling in lakes
P 15.4 Dürrenberger Hydrogeochemistry of Black Forest springs from Germany: Insights from physical and hydrogeochemical parameters, stable isotopes and Macroinverterbrates
P 15.5 Frey et al. Influence of preservatives on stable isotopes of nitrous oxide in aquatic environments
P 15.6 Ibelings et al. Variation in Lake Geneva seston C:P as a function of phytoplankton species identity and P-levels
P 15.7 Maner et al. RAINBOWflow CHIPonline: An impedance-based biosensor for water quality monitoring using permanent fish cell lines
P 15.8 Many et al. Predicting CO2 Dynamics In Lake Geneva Using A Deep Learning Approach (LSTM RNN)
P 15.9 Pasche et al. Temporal and spatial variations in the composition and fluxes of settling particles in Lake Geneva
P 15.10 Rotta et al. Microplastics in Lake Lugano: vertical distribution and colonization by microorganisms
16. Cryospheric Sciences

16. Cryospheric Sciences


Convenors session 16: Matthias HussTheo JenkKathrin NaegeliNadine Salzmann, Andreas Vieli

Chairperson: Theo Jenk
09:00-09:15 Häusler M., Moser R., Fäh D. Passive Seismic Investigations at Gemstock: Mapping and Monitoring of Permafrost
09:15-09:30 Jones N., Strozzi T. Slope instability mapping in glacier fore-field environments of the High Valais Alps using advanced DInSAR techniques
09:30-09:45 Chen T.Y. Navigating Various Machine Learning Techniques for Sea Ice Drift Forecasting in the Arctic Circle
09:45-10:00 Studemann G., Steiner L., Grimm D., Fierz Ch., Marty Ch. Low-Cost GNSS Measurement Setup for the Determination of Water Equivalent of Snow Cover by GNSS-RTK in the Field
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chairperson: Nadine Salzmann
11:00-11:15 Michel A., Gubler S., Kotlarski S., Aschauer J.,Jonas T., Lehning M., Marty C. SPASS – A Spatial Snow Climatology for Switzerland
11:15-11:30 Paitz P., Lindner N., Edme P., Sovilla B., Fichtner A., Walter F., Huguenin P., Hohl M. Towards avalanche monitoring with distributed acoustic sensing
11:30-11:45 Rietze N., Wunderle S., Naegeli K., Huss M. Seasonal Glacier Mass Balance Estimation Using AVHRR Imagery
11:45-12:00 Balasubramanian S., Hoelzle M., Lehning M., Bolibar J., Wangchuk S., Oerlemans J., Keller F. Influence of meteorological conditions on artificial ice reservoir (Icestupa) evolution
12:00-12:30 POSTER PITCHES P 16.1 – P 16.16 (2 min. / poster)
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Chairperson: Kathrin Naegeli
14:00-14:15 Egli P.E., Belotti B., Ouvry B., Irving J., Lane S.N. Increasing frequency of subglacial channel collapse features at alpine glaciers
14:15-14:30 Dall’Alba V., Neven A., Juda P., Straubhaar J., Renard P. Basal topography simulation and ice volume estimation using advanced geostatistical methods: Application on the Tsanfleuron Glacier (Swiss Alps).
14:30-14:45 Reinthaler J., Paul F. New Little Ice Age glacier extents for three Arctic regions
14:45-15:00 Tollenaar V., Zekollari H., Tuia D., Lhermitte S., Tax D., Debaille V., Goderis S., Claeys P., Pattyn F. A data-driven approach to quantifying Antarctic blue ice areas and the presence of meteorites
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chairperson: Matthias Huss
16:00-16:15 Tedstone A., Machguth H. Greenland meltwaters run off from far into the percolation zone
16:15-16:30 Naegeli K., Rietze N., Franke J., Premier V., Stengel M., Wu X., Wunderle S. Drivers and dynamics of four decades seasonal snow cover: West, Central and East Himalaya tell different stories
16:30-16:45 Evers L., Smets P., Assink J., Shani-Kadmiel S. The sound of glaciers: remote and passive infrasound monitoring of glacier dynamics
16:45-17:00 SEP outstanding young scientist’s award

Posters Session 16:

P 16.1 Buri P., Fatichi S., Shaw T., Miles E., McCarthy M., Fyffe C., Fugger S., Ren S., Kneib M., Pellicciotti F. Application of a high-resolution Earth surface model to simulate blue green water interactions in a glacierized Himalayan catchment
P 16.2 Fees A., van Herwijnen A., Lombardo M., Schweizer J.J. On dynamics of glide-snow avalanche release as inferred from time-lapse photography
P 16.3 Gentizon J. The Cryosphere of High Alpine Rock Walls: Insights From The Pointes Du Mourti (3563 M A.S.L., Switzerland)
P 16.4 Grimmer M., Baggenstos D., Schmitt J., Fischer H. Mean Ocean Temperature (MOT) during MIS5-6 based on noble gas ratios in the EDC ice core
P 16.5 Gugerli, R., Desilets, D. and Salzmann, N. Application of a muonic cosmic ray snow gauge to monitor the snow water equivalent on an alpine glacier
P 16.6 Guidicelli M., Huss M., Gabella M., Salzmann N. Machine learning techniques to downscale solid precipitation from climate reanalyses generating SWE estimates over high-mountain glaciers of the world
P 16.7 Jouberton A., Shaw T.E., Miles E., Ren S., Yang W., McCarthy M., Fugger S., Dehecq A., Pellicciotti F. Precipitation Phase Change Accelerates Glacier Mass Loss In The Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
P 16.8 Jullien N, Tedstone A., Machguth H. Development of ice slabs in the high percolation zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet
P 16.9 Krauss F., Mächler L., Baggenstos D., Walther R., Bereiter B., Tuzson B., Emmenegger L., Schmitt J., Fischer H. Development and application of a noble continuous laser-sublimation extraction technique coupled to a Quantum Cascade laser Spectrometer for greenhouse gas measurements (CO2, δ13C, CH4, N2O) in ice cores
P 16.10 Machguth H., Tedstone A., Clerx N., Jullien N. Accelerating mass loss of Greenland: Firn and the shifting runoff limit
P 16.11 Mathys T., Hilbich C., Pohl E., Hauck C., Hoelzle M. Assessing permafrost distribution and ground ice volumes in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan): results from a first geophysical field campaign
P 16.12 Nalivaika P., Jenk T., Schwikowski M., Eichler A. Ice‐core based modern heavy metal pollution records for the territory of the FSU
P 16.13 Simon V., Kraft T. High-resolution analysis of the recent onset of seasonal microseismicity in the Mt. Blanc Massif
P 16.14 Singer T., Jenk T.M., Schwikowski M. Towards a near-source reconstruction of pre-industrial to industrial changes in carbonaceous aerosols from ice core archives
P 16.15 Søndergaard A.S., Egholm D.L., Larsen N.K. Million year Greenland wide ice sheet cover from 26Al/10Be ratios in bedrock and inverse modelling
P 16.16 Wicky J., Hauck C. Ground ice can be formed and maintained by air convection in low elevation talus slopes
17. Atmospheric Composition and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions

17. Atmospheric Composition and Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions


Convenors session 17: Martin Steinbacher, Christof AmmannStefan BrönnimannMana GharunUlrich KriegerWerner Eugster

Chairperson: Mana Gharun
09:15-09:30 Barczyk L., Kuntu-Blankson K., Calanca P., Six J., Ammann C. N2O emissions from grazed pastures – Influence of urine patch characteristics
09:30-09:45 Valach A., Jocher M., Bretscher D., Ammann C. Nitrous oxide emissions from different fertiliser and crop combinations using time integrated measurements
09:45-10:00 dos Reis Martins M., Keel S.G. Can soil nitrous oxide emissions of complex cropland management be captured by a process-based model?
10:00-10:15 POSTER PITCHES (chair: Werner Eugster) P 17.1 – P 17.6 (2 min. / poster)
10:15-11:15 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Christof Ammann
11:15-11:30 Bruggisser M., Gharun M., Shekhar A., Hörtnagl L., Feigenwinter I., Damm A., Buchmann N. Detecting changes in the contributions of abiotic vs.  biotic factors to regular and extreme carbon dioxide and water vapor flux events
11:30-11:45 Stagakis S., Feigenwinter C., Vogt R., Pitacco A., Kalberer M. An observation-based approach for monitoring urban CO2 fluxes at high spatial and temporal resolution
11:45-12:00 Baffelli S., Brunner D., Hüglin C., Emmenegger L. Assimilation of atmospherisc CO2  measurements from the CarboSense network using the COSMO-GHG model
12:00-12:15 Rust D., Katharopoulos I., Vollmer M.K., Henne S., Hill M., Emmenegger L., Zenobi R., Reimann S. Assessing Swiss halocarbon emissions from regional atmospheric measurements
12:15-13:45 Lunch time
Chairperson:Martin Steinbacher (Uli Krieger)
13:45-14:15 TBC ACP award talk
14:15-14:30 Pieber S.M., Tuzson B., Henne S., Karstens U., Gerbig C., Koch T., Brunner D., Steinbacher M., Emmenegger L. Towards understanding the regional CO2 contributions at the high Alpine observatory Jungfraujoch
14:30-14:45 Mahrt F., Newman E., Huang Y., Zaks J., Devi A., Qin Y., Ohno P.E., Martin S.T., Ammann M., Bertram A.K. Solicited talk: Prix Schläfli 2021 in Geosciences: Phase behaviour of mixtures of primary and secondary organic aerosol material
14:45-15:15 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Uli Krieger
15:15-15:30 Kleinheins J., Marcolli C., Peter T., Lohmann U. Thermodynamic modelling of the co-condensation of organic compounds on atmospheric aerosol particles
15:30-15:45 Kilchhofer K., Alpert P.A., Bell D., Surdu M., El Haddad I., Cheung K.Y., Torrent L., Ammann M. Radical Cycling Induced by Transition Metal Complex Photochemistry in Viscous Organic Aerosol Particles
15:45-16:00 Alpert P.A., Dou J., Corral Arroyo P., Schneider F., Xto J., Luo B., Peter T., Huthwelker T., Borca C.N., Henzler K.D., Schaefer T., Herrmann H., Raabe J., Watts B., Krieger U.K., Ammann M. Radical Production Mapped in Single Aerosol Particles

Posters Session 17:

P 17.1 Arosio T., Ziehmer M., Nicolussi K., Sigl M., Schlüchter C., Leuenberger M. Tree-ring stable isotopes variations after major tropical and north hemispheric volcanic eruptions
P 17.2 Krochin W., Murk A., Stober G. Studying Atmospheric Waves in the middle atmosphere from ground-based temperature measurements
P 17.3 Kuntu-Blankson K., Barczyk L.,  Ammann C., Six J., Mezbahuddin S., Grant F.R., Calanca P. Arriving at an optimum setup for simulating N2O emissions from cattle urine patches in ecosys- a comprehensive ecosystem model
P 17.4 Sauvageat E., Maillard Barras E., Hocke K., Haefele A., Murk A. Harmonized retrieval of middle atmospheric ozone from two microwave radiometers in Switzerland
P 17.5 Wenyue W., Klemens H., Christian M. Physical Retrieval of Rain Rate from Ground-Based Microwave Radiometry
P 17.6 Zeppenfeld C., Erhardt T., Jensen C.M., Fischer H. Quantifying past changes in dielectric and absorbing particles in ice cores from East Greenland during the early Holocene and Termination 1
18. Tackling the Climate Crisis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change Education and Communication

18. Tackling the Climate Crisis: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Climate Change Education and Communication

Convenors session 18: Moritz Gubler, Viktoria Cologna, Stephanie Moser, Matthias ProbstAndreas Linsbauer

Chairpersons: Stephanie Moser, Moritz Gubler
09:00-09:05 Welcome Chairpersons
09:05-09:30 Poelsma F., Wymann S., Moser S. How to gain public engagement for climate action?  Challenges and opportunities for energy transitions in mountainous and rural areas
09:30-09:55 Salim E., Ravanel L. The role of endangered destinations in climate change education: exploratory perspectives in the glacier tourism context
09:55 – 10:00 POSTER PITCHES P 18.1 – P 18.2 (2 min. / poster)
10:00-10:30 Break / chatroom
Chairperson: Viktoria Cologna, Andreas Linsbauer
10:30-10:55 Hellmann L., Gugerli R., Habermann M., Mathys T., Kronenberg M., Mollaret C., Schaub Y., Schwikowski M., Vögeli N., Wee J., Wenner M., Naegeli K. From glacier to classroom: peer-to-peer communication to foster curiosity in science
10:55-11:20 Nesur K., Salim E., Girault C. & Ravanel L. Glacier interpretation centre in climate change education : objectives of local stake holders and strategy of scientific mediation
11:20-11:50 KEYNOTE
11:50-12:00 Wrap-up Chairpersons
12:00-14:00 Lunch time

Posters Session 18:

P 18.1 Hernández‐Almeida I., Saavedra-Pellitero M. Comics as a narrative to engage teens with science: an example from the PAGES Horizons experience
P 18.2 Imanalieva P., Weber H., Mathys T., Sarsebekova Z., Djololova D., Koenig C., Kronenberg M., Barandun M. Science communication across borders – “Adventure of science: Women and glaciers in Central Asia”
19. Geoscience and Geoinformation, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing – Combined Symposium

19. Geoscience and Geoinformation, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing – Combined Symposium

Convenors session 19: Nils OesterlingMassimiliano CannataMichael Sinreich, Elmar Brockmann and Stefan WunderleAlex DammDominik BrunnerOthmar Frey

09:00-09:20 Carreaud A., Gressin A., Lis K. Fast image labelling using 3D reconstruction
09:20-09:40 Doerffel G. 3D Processing of Drone & Aerial Survey data in ArcGIS
09:40-10:00 Hadjipetrou S., Mariethoz G. Geostatistical Simulation of Satellite-derived Offshore Wind Speed Patterns
10:00-10:15 POSTER PITCHES P 19.1 – P 19.5 (3 min. / poster)
10:15-11:00 Break / chatroom
11:00-11:20 Shehaj E., Geiger A., Miotti L., Soja B., Moeller G., D’Aronco S., Wegner J.D., Rothacher M. Modeling tropospheric effects in space geodetic signals by machine learning and collocation
11:20-11:40 Aichinger-Rosenberger M., Moeller G., Shehaj E., Limpach P., Rothacher M. 3D modelling and analysis of temporal variations of atmospheric water vapor in the Valais area: Initial results from a small-scale GNSS network in the Matter Valley
11:40-12:00 Neven A., Christiansen A.V., Renard P. Automatic valley-scale clay models from TEM and boreholes data : Application on the upper Aare Valley
12:00-12:20 Shakas A., Wenning Q., Hertrich M., Maurer H., Giardini D. Probabilistic geological model using multi-scale geophysical data: An example from the Bedretto Lab
12:20-13:40 Lunch time
13:40-14:00 Kenner R., Gischig V., Gojcic Z., Quéau V., Kienholz C., Figi D., Thöny R., Bonanomi Y. Brinzauls Pizzo Cengalo, Spitze Stei: Analysing detailed rock kinematical processes using point cloud models
14:00-14:20 Araya D., Podgorski J., Kumi M., Amankwah Mainoo P., Berg M. Geospatial modelling of fluoride contamination in Ghana, considerations on spatial cross-validation and uncertainty assessment.
14:20-14:40 Miville F., Fandel C., Renard P. pyKasso: a stochastic karst network generator
14:40-15:00 Malard A., Jeannin P.-Y., Doerfliger N., Laube S., Béon O., Zein A., Vogel M. A webtool for the 3D conceptualization and animation of groundwater flow systems
15:00-16:00 Break / chatroom
16:00-16:20 Iosifescu Enescu I., Plattner G.-K., Haas-Artho D., Kurup Buchholz R., de Espona L., Hägeli M. Cloud-native Access Patterns as Foundation for an Efficient Implementation of Geospatial Functionalities in EnviDat
16:20-16:40 Perozzi L.; Guglielmetti L.; Moscariello A. GECOS: A webapp to explore geothermal chance of success
16:40-17:00 Oesterling N., Baumberger R., Leu E. – Web-based 3D subsurface visualisation

Posters Session 19:

P 19.1 Salehipour Milani A.R.,  Sabzaliyan M. Mapping recent pyroclastic flow using Sentinel-2 image in De Fuego volcano, Guatemala
P 19.2 Schorpp L., Straubhaar J., Renard P. ArchPy, automated hierarchical modelling of Quaternary aquifers: an example from the Upper Aare Valley, Switzerland
P 19.3 Zakeri F., Mariethoz G. Snow Cover Mapping: Generating Long-Term Landsat Imagery Consistent with Climate Data
P 19.4 Doerffel G. Cloud-based Imagery storage and analysis in ArcGIS
P 19.5 Doerffel G. Multidimensional Imagery /TimeSeries in ArcGIS
20. Scalability, transferability and transformative potential of global change research in mountains

20. Scalability, transferability and transformative potential of global change research in mountains

Convenors session 20: Carolina AdlerJörg Balsiger, Raffaella Balzarini, Philippe Bourdeau, Iago OteroEmmanuel Reynard

Chairperson: Balsiger J.
09:00-09:05 Balsiger J. Introduction
09:05-09:20 Chakraborty R., Sherpa P.Y From Climate Change to Climate Justice: Critical reflections on the IPCC and Himalayan climate knowledges (abstract)
09:20-09:35 Vijayan D., Sam A.S., Kaechele H.,  Girindran R. Forest conversion in mountains and changes of socio-ecological systems: Perception of indigenous communities (abstract)
09:35-09:50 Reynard E., Bonnemains A., Clivaz M., Dubath C., Gros-Balthazard M., Lambiel C., Neumann M., Metzger A., Randin C., Trouilloud S. Val d’Hérens 1950/2050 – A citizen science project for transformation towards sustainability in a mountain valley (abstract)
09:50-10:00 Balsiger J. Discussion
10:00-11:00 Break / chatroom
21. Human Geographies: Materials, Natures, Politics

21. Human Geographies: Materials, Natures, Politics


Convenors session 21: Rony Emmenegger

Panel I Earthly epistemologies and the government of geo-social formations
Chairpersons: Rony Emmenegger, Lucas Müller, Sandro Loi
09:00-09:10 Rony Emmenegger The geo/politics of public controversies about geoscience projects in the geological underground. Towards an interdisciplinary research agenda. (abstract)
09:10-09:30 Lucas Müller Taming Sublime Nature: Avalanche Control in late 19th-Century Switzerland. (abstract)
09:30-09:50 Jean Chamel Ethnographying the Rearrangements of Sensitive, Ritualized and Aesthetic Relationships with the High Alpine Mountains. (abstract)
09:50-10:10 Rémi Willemin Inferring watercourse assessment categories, detrimental practices and ecosystem services from Swiss Jura farmers’ perceptions of waterscape quality with photo-response. (abstract)
10:10-10:30 Sandro Loi Actualism, denial of coevalness and geographical living fossils: social and spatial issues of geology. (abstract)
10:30-11:00 Break / chatroom
Panel II Assessing social values of ’nature’s contributions to people’: Potential and limitations.
Chairpersons: Norman Backhaus, Marina Cracco, Annina Michel, Gretchen Walters
11:00-11:20 Marina Cracco How do Swiss residents value nature’s contributions to people? Preliminary results. (abstract)
11:20-11:40 Ian Florian Programming rural partners to implement sustainability in Europe: what benefits communities are expected to draw from a large-scale conservation and development initiative and how they deal with it.
11:40-12:00 Timo Oliveri, Annina Michel Assessing perceptions and societal values of landscapes with go-along interviews. (abstract)
12:00-13:15 Lunch time
Swiss Human Geographies Lecture
13.15-13:30 Housekeeping Notes ASG
13:30-15:00 Armelle Choplin CONCRETE CITY: Material flows and urban making in Africa. (abstract)
15:00-15:30 Break / chatroom
Panel III Connections and dis-connections between ‘forest transitions’ and ‘sustainable development’
Chairpersons: Christian Kull, Nguyen Thi Hai Van, Roland Cochard
15:30-15:50 Roland Cochard Land cover changes (~forest transition) over fifty years (1968-2019) in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam: Illustrations and insights on aspects of ‘sustainability’. (abstract)
15:50-16:10 Nguyen Thi Hai Van New Forests, New People in the ‘landscape of transition’? Environmental Subject and Identity in the contemporary Uplands of Vietnam. (abstract)
16:10-16:30 Christian Kull In what sense may a ‘forest transition’ be a ‘transition to sustainability’, or rather not? Reflections with reference to socio-ecological changes in Central Vietnam. (abstract)
16:30-16:50 Alexander Vorbrugg Russia’s New Forests. Envisioning Sustainable Development through Forest Transitions? (abstract)
16:50-17:15 Break / chatroom
17:15-18:00 Stephan Rist, Susan Thieme, Alexander Vorbrugg CRITICAL SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES IN (RESEARCH) PRACTICE
22. Human Geographies: Bodies, Cultures, Societies

22. Human Geographies: Bodies, Cultures, Societies

Convenors session 22: Karine Duplan, Irène Hirt

Making place, claiming space: protesting bodies and contesting voices in troubled times
Chairperson: Karine Duplan
10:50-11:10 Morgane Rudaz (University of Geneva) “You cut us off, we paste it!” Exploring the militant strategy employed by the Collages Féministes in public spaces. (abstract)
11:10-11:30 Claske Dijkema (Swisspeace & University of Basel) Urban violence in France as body politics. (abstract)
11:30-11:50 Raghad Saqfalhait (independant resesarcher, Ramallah) & Clémence Vendryes (IREMAM & IFPO) How can a dead body claim ownership over a land ? (abstract)
11:50-12:10 Irène Hirt (University of Geneva) Discussion
12:10-13:15 Lunch time
13.15-13.30 Coffee break / chatroom
Swiss Human Geographies Lecture
13.15-13:30 Housekeeping Notes ASG
13:30-15:00 Armelle Choplin CONCRETE CITY: Material flows and urban making in Africa. (abstract)
15:00-15:30 Break / chatroom
Organisers: Christine Bichsel (University of Fribourg), Robert A Saunders (State University of New York), Jueling Hu (University of Fribourg), Lorenzo Andofatto (University of Fribourg) In/between Spaces of Power – SF Geographies of Bodies in Troubled Times
15:30-15:50 Christine Bichsel (University of Fribourg) Split Spaces and Warped Borders: The Geometry of Power in China Miéville’s The City & The City (2009). (abstract)
15:50-16:10 Robert A Saunders (State University of New York), (Be)longing to/for the Past: Negotiations of Time, Space, and Identity in Beforeigners (2019- ). (abstract)
16:10-16:30 Jueling Hu (University of Fribourg) Between mechanical and human bodies: Producing Erica in glitches. (abstract)
16:30-16.50 Lorenzo Andolfatto (University of Fribourg) Trash at the End of the World: Climate Realism and the Edges of Hospitality. (abstract)
16:50-17:15 Break / chatroom
17:15-18:00 Stephan Rist, Susan Thieme, Alexander Vorbrugg (university of Bern) CRITICAL SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES IN (RESEARCH) PRACTICE.
23. Human Geographies: Cities, Regions, Economies

23. Human Geographies: Cities, Regions, Economies


Convenors session 24:
Julio Paulos, Sven Daniel Wolfe

Panel I Policing the City: State Violence in the Age of Far-Right Populism and
09:00-10:20 Introduction
by Dennis Pauschinger (Session organiser)

Imprisoned for a Retweet: More-or-less digital contestation and repression in increasingly authoritarian Russia

by Sven Daniel Wolfe (abstract)

Counterterrorism in the Airport City

by Mark Maguire and David A. Westbrook (abstract)

The Thick Blue Line: The Hashtag thinblueline and the Digital Community Policing by the Lower Saxony State Police on Instagram

by Alexa Agoropoulos, Ben Hundertmark, Jasper Janssen and Tabea Louis (abstract)
10:20-10:50 Break / chatroom
Panel IIa New resources, new dispositives and complex temporalities of urban
(re)development in Switzerland and beyond – focus on Swiss cities.
Le plan de quartier : dispositif phare d’exploitation des ressources urbaines latentes

by Sébastien Lambelet (UNIGE) (abstract)

A global knowledge-enclave situated on cross-border territory: tracing the CERN as a dispositif of multi-scalar, relational urbanisation
by Markus Hesse (University of Luxembourg) and Charlotte Schaeben (ETH Zurich) (abstract)

Quand la cité-jardin est déterrée. Anciennes ressources et nouveaux dispositifs dans les controverses d’aménagement
by Luca Pidiu (UNIGE)

12:10-13:30 Lunch time
Swiss Human Geographies Keynote Lecture
13:15-13:30 Housekeeping Notes ASG
13:30-15:00 Armelle Choplin CONCRETE CITY: Material flows and urban making in Africa (abstract)
15:00-15:30 Break / chatroom
Panel IIb New resources, new dispositives and complex temporalities of urban
(re)development in Switzerland and beyond – international perspectives
15:30-16:50 La métropole coopérative et ses ressources
by Fabien Reix and Adrien Gonzalez (ENSAP Bordeaux) (abstract)

COVID19: the urban model´s change of Spanish cities through cartography
by Bárbara Polo-Martin (International University of Valencia) (abstract)

Faster & higher Tokyo: between urban renaissance and spacial fix, speeding up the urban making of a mature city

by Raphaël Languillon (Institut Français de Recherches sur le Japon, Tokyo) (abstract)

16:50-17:15 Break / chatroom
17:15-18:00 Stephan Rist, Susan Thieme, Alexander Vorbrugg CRITICAL SUSTAINABILITY STUDIES IN (RESEARCH) PRACTICE

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