SGM 2021 Discord Server

Welcome to the SGM 2021 Discord Help Page

Whilst the talks and poster pitch presentations will be held over Zoom, the poster discussions will all take place over the official SGM 2021 Discord Server. Discord is VoIP application that facilitates text, image, video and audio communication between users and is available to download or use in your browser (download here). We have found that the downloaded app is more stable and has higher quality audio, however whilst we do recommend you install the app the conference server will be accessible from the browser version.
Every Symposium also has its own dedicated text chat room and voice&video chat room for general discussions during the breaks.

How To Join The Server

  1. Go to «» (you can ignore the pop-up message about “Student hub”)
  2. Enter your real name and institution as username. This will be your name visible to all other participants; Do not use nicknames, but: “First Name Last Name, Institution” (e.g., “Eric Reusser, ETHZ”).
  3. Enter your birthday.
  4. Finalize your registration by entering your email address and a password.
  5. Validate this last form and you should be in! Last but not least, validate your email by clicking on a link received by email from
  6. Click on the SGM logo on the top-left side of the page.

• An app (recommended!) is also available for computers (Windows / Mac / Linux) or smartphones.

Once you have installed Discord you can sign up to the conference server by following the link you received via email as a registered SGM 2021 participant. Discord may not be available to download in all regions and may require permissions from your institution’s firewall to run correctly. Please not that to post comments, ask questions, participate in audio&video discussions, you have to register with Discord using your email address. Do so in advance of the meeting!

How To Navigate The Server

Once you have joined the server you will see a list of dropdown categories on the left side of the app. Each symposium has its own category. There is also an «EXAMPLE» category, a VARIOUS CHATROOMS» and a «0) PLENARY SESSION» category, as well as a «FREE VIDEO CHATROOM» category (this last one at the very bottom of the list):

You will be able to click on these categories to expand them and view the channels they contain. Each Symposium contains one text channel and one voice&video channel for each poster (that’s two channels per poster), as well as a «general text chat» and a «General Video Chat» per channel:

Text channel vs. voice&video channel

This symbol denotes a text channel where you can type your questions or comments and view other delegate’s messages. This symbol  denotes an audio&video channel where you can chat to other delegates (voice only, video & video or share screen).

Text channel

To join a   text channel simply click on it in the left side of the screen and begin typing on the right side of the screen.

Voice & video channel

To join an  audio&video channel simply click on it once and begin speaking. If you click on the channel twice, the right window will change from a text chat window to a video window:

To Activate your camera, click on the Video button  

Voice & Video functions

  1. To leave the voice & video session your are connected to
  2. share screen function: to show material (images, graphics, data, videos, PowerPoints) on your computer screen
  3. User settings: change your personal settings (nickname, security settings, audio and video quality, appearance (for instance if you prefer a white background))
  4. Mute or unmute your loudspeaker/headset
  5. Mute or unmute your microphone. 
  6. turn your camera on/off for video chat

We recommend to turn your microphone off most of the time, except when it is your turn to talk or you are in a 1 to 1 conversation. Remember that if you keep your microphone on, anybody in the same voice&video chatroom can hear what your microphone picks up !

Change your user settings

All participants on the Discord SGM Server must use their real name and abbreviation of their institution (unless they are not affiliated to any institution). You can change that by selecting «user settings» (see point 3. above), then, under My Account, select Edit (see below)

then you can change your username to your real name and abbreviation of your institution, as well as put a picture of yourself 

Finally, if you have further questions or run into trouble, check the Discord F.A.Q/Troubleshooting page