Plenary Session:

Shaping Earth: From Planet Accretion To Microbes

Friday November 6th

Online: live YouTube channel available at

  • Welcome address by the President of the SGM 2020
  • Welcome address by the Vice-President of the ETH Zurich
  • Welcome address by the President of the Platform Geosciences of the Swiss Academies of Sciences
  • Eric Reusser
  • Detlef Günther
  • Naki Akçar
Chairperson Scientific Program: Paul Tackley
  • Formation and early evolution of the terrestrial planets
  • Doris Breuer
    DLR Berlin
  • Large silicic magma bodies and very large magnitude explosive eruptions
  • Stephen Sparks
    Univ. Bristol
15:00-15:15  Break
  • Carbonate Platforms – Built by living organisms and shaped by forces of nature
  • Gregor Eberli,
    Univ. Miami
  • Microbial genomes encode the history of a changing planet
  • Cara Magnabosco
    ETH Zurich
Chairperson Award Program: Caroline Reymond
  • Paul Niggli Medal
  • Prix Schläfli 2020
  • CHGEOL Award
  • Swiss Geological Society – Best Master Thesis Award
  • Maria Schönbächler
  • Charles Fierz
  • Benoît Valley
  • Jörg Hermann
Chairperson administrative Program: Pierre Dèzes
  • Presentation of SGM 2021 in Geneva
  • Acknowledgments
  • Andrea Moscariello
  • Eric Reusser