Info Posters

Please note, that all poster authors must pre-record their poster pitch as a video* beforehand and upload it on the Polybox address at ETH Zurich they have received via email attachment.

Informations and recommendations about your poster pitch during the dedicated time-slots in the Symposia:

  • All poster authors have a dedicated time slot for their poster pitch within the program of their symposium. The available time for poster pitches varies from 2′ to 5 minutes depending on the symposia. Please refer to your symposium program to check how much time you have for your poster pitch.
  • Especially for 2′ or 3′ poster pitches, think of them as “elevator pitches” were you only have the time of an elevator ride to get someone interested in your research. Examples of elevator pitches can be found here or an example of a video tutorial with advices on how to explain your research, even in 1 minute can be found here
  • You really do not need to show a Powerpoint presentation in your pre-recorded Poster-Pitch video presentation, you can even film yourself in an elevator if you wish (see examples linked above).
  • Remember that pitches are about getting members of the audience interested enough so that they want to discuss your research in your dedicated chat-rooms (text and video) on the SGM2020 server on the Discord platform (see below) during the symposia breaks.
  • Do not use the time allocated for your poster pitch to read aloud your abstract, be creative!

Informations and recommendations for poster discussions during the breaks (on the Discord platform):

  • The poster discussions during the breaks are done on the Discord platform. Discord is a VoIP application for text, image, video and audio communication between users. The Discord app. exists for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android and can be downloaded here. Discord can also be opened in your Web browser. (The downloaded app is more stable and has better audio quality , however whilst we do recommend you install the app the conference server will also be accessible from the browser version).
  • Each poster mentioned in the SGM2020 program has two dedicated channels (one for text-chats and one for video-chats) on the SGM2020 server on the Discord platform. The poster authors are expected to be present in their text-chats during the breaks or at least to mention in their text-chat channel when they will be present.
  • Since the SGM 2020 will be online only, the traditional poster A0 format is certainly not the best suited format to convey your research on the computer (or phone) screens of your audience. If you want to stick to the poster format, try at least to make it in landscape format.
  • Instead of a traditional poster, try to make a 3-4 slides mini-presentation, a short video (as long as it is < 40Mb) or whatever.  Try to be creative while staying informative!

Where to upload what, when and why:

The pre-recorded video of your poster pitch has to be uploaded until 30 October (+ Week-end) on the polybox server @ ETHZ. (see attached PDF that was sent to you via email on 13 October 2020)

Moreover, depending on whether you want your poster or other material to be accessible for download before and after the SGM, during the SGM or not at all, you have the 3 following options (you can of course combine options 1 and/or 2 and/or 3):

  1. Upload your material in advance on the SGM 2020 website via the SGM Poster Upload page until 30 October at the latest. This is ideal if you want the audience to be able to access your material before and after the SGM 2020. If you choose this option, be sure that you and your co-authors (and your supervisor) are OK with this material being accessible by anybody on the internet. The upload must be a single file and in the pdf, jpg or png format and < 10Mb.
  2. Upload your poster (or whatever relevant material) in the text chat #channel dedicated to your poster in the corresponding Symposium on the SGM Discord platform. This is ideal if you cannot make the deadline of 30 October but still want to offer the possibility for the audience to download and study your material in advance. This means you should at least have uploaded your material until 5 November. Also here, If you choose this option, be sure that you and your co-authors (and your supervisor) are OK with this material being potentially accessible by anybody on the internet. Uploaded files can also be videos. File size must be < 40Mb. The SGM server on the Discord platform will be closed after the SGM and this material will not be accessible anymore afterwards.
  3. Present your material by sharing your screen in the video&voice channel dedicated to your poster on the SGM Discord platform. This is ideal if you want to present sensitive material you do not want the audience to be able to download.

Before doing anything on the Discord Platform, please read these instructions

Once you have read the instructions, please go to the SGM 2020 Server on the Discord platform at least one day before the beginning of the conference and create an account using your email Address, please use  your name with affiliation (for example Anna-Karenina_SBB_Uni) as you nickname. Once logged into the SGM 2020 Server on the Discord platform, Reading the information under #welcome and the example poster channel under #e1-1 will help you navigate through the process if need be.

* For information on how to make a video of your poster-pitch, please see the instructions under «Info Talks»