Plenary Session, “Geoscience goes underground: understanding resources & processes”,
Friday November 22nd

Pérolles 22, Auditorium Joseph Deiss, Fribourg.

Chairperson: Jon Mosar
  • Welcome address by the Swiss Academies of Sciences
  • Welcome address by the University of Bern
  • TBD
  • TBD
Chairperson: Jon Mosar
  • Geosciences – unlocking its potential to serve Switzerland’s energy and climate policy!
  • Gunter Siddiqi
    (BFE – Bern)
  • Geothermal energy development in Munich and Geneva: a cross look on their similarities and differences with regard to geological, technical and operational aspects
  • Frédéric Mirjolet  (SIG – Geneva)
Chairperson: Pierre Dèzes
  • Paul Niggli Awards
  • Maria Schönbächler
15:30-16:15 Coffee Break
  • CHGEOL Award
  • Swiss Geological Society – Best MSc Award
  • Prix Schläfli
  • Benoît Valley
  • Jörg Hermann
  • Werner Eugster
Chairperson: Jon Mosar
  • Characterizing faults in the sub-surface of northern Switzerland as part of the siting process for a national nuclear waste repository
  • Herfried Madritsch (NAGRA- Wettingen)
  • What’s new in and old industry: The role of the oil and gas industry in the era of decarbonization
  • Marc Zoback (Stanford University)
Chairperson: Pierre Dèzes
  • Presentation of SGM 2020 in Zurich
  • Acknowledgments
  • Eric Reusser
  • Jon Mosar
18:30-24:00 Apéro – Geoparty

SGM 2018 Bern