Travel + Accommodations


All participants are requested to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

You will find all necessary information on accommodation on the official site of Bern tourism (Hotels, B&B, Apartments, but also Hostels )


For getting to Bern, please see

The Swiss Geoscience Meeting takes place at the “Von Roll Areal”, Fabrikstasse 6, 8 & 12 in Bern, which is situated 20 minutes by foot from the railway station. (For train timetables see: here). Taking the bus number 12 from the railway station to its terminus station «Länggasse» reduces the journey by foot to the “Von Roll Areal” by 6 minutes. Taking the Postbus number 101 towards «Hinterkappelen, Schlossmatt» or «Güterbahnhof» (stop at Güterbahnhof) brings you within 3′ by foot of the “Von Roll Areal”.

You can download a location plan of the buildings at Fabrikstrasse 6. 8 and 12 here

You can clic on the blue bus sign next to the red star at railway station to get the next departures times towards “Länggass”. The red line is the route followed by the bus and the green line is either the road to follow on foot  from the terminus station of bus 12 (6 minutes) or to walk the entire way from the railway station (20 minutes). Alternatively, the Postbus 101  towards «Hinterkappelen, Schlossmatt» or «Güterbahnhof» follows the green line from the railway station and brings you very close to the “Von Roll Areal”. Stop at «Güterbahnhof» (only 3 Min. by foot)