Plenary Session, “Moving Boundaries”,
Friday November 17th

Davos Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland

Chairperson: Jürg Schweizer
  • Welcome address by the Government Council of Canton of Grisons
  • Mario Cavigelli
  • History of the Pizzo Cengalo rock avalanche and the subsequent debris flows
  • Florian Amann
    RWTH Aachen
Chairperson: Marcia Phillips
  • Joint SNC-IUGG & SNC-IUGS Union Lecture:
    Inside a deep ice core – From small scale processes to large scale flow
  • Maurine Montagnat
    University of Grenoble
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
Chairperson: Marcia Phillips
  • The Geodynamic Evolution of Moving Continental Plate Boundaries
  • Susanne Buiter
    Geological Survey of Norway
  • Moving ecosystem boundaries in the Alpine
  • Annette Menzel
    Technical University of Munich
17:00-17:15 Break
Chairperson: Marcia Phillips
  • Open science … the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Helen M. Glaves
    British Geological Survey
Chairperson: Pierre Dèzes
  • Platform Geosciences & SCNAT
  • Presentation SGM 2018 in Bern
  • Paul Niggli Medal
  • CHGEOL Award
  • Acknowledgements
  • Werner Eugster
  • Guido Schreurs
  • C. Heinrich
  • Michael Schnellmann
  • Jürg Schweizer
18:45-22:30 Swiss Geoscience Party for registered participants