9th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich 2011

PRE-EVENT: Hands-on GSI3D Workshop – Geological Surveying and investigation in 3D
Friday 11th November 2011
ETH Zurich

GSI3D – Geological Surveying and investigation in 3D

Date:               Friday, 11th November 2011
Time:               08:15 - 12:30 am
Place:              ETH Zurich
                        Department of Earth Sciences, Building NO, Sonneggstrasse 5, 8092 Zürich
                        Computer room NO D39

Costs:              Participation is free of charges.

Registration:   Required! please register with cristina.michael@swisstopo.ch until October 23th at the latest

Requirements:   Bring your own laptop computer (Windows only) !!!

Language:        English


Lecturer:         Holger Kessler (British Geological Survey, Team Leader Geological Modelling Systems)
                       Ben Wood (British Geological Survey, Lead Developer of GSI3D)


Geology is a three dimensional science by definition. In that sense, geological 3D modelling is a key technology in order (1) to manage challenges involving geology we face in the future and (2) to visualise geological facts to non-geologists. Additionally, geological 3D models will ease the communication on geology.

In order to achieve these aims, hands-on tools must be available to support the geoscientists in charge. GSI3D (Geological surveying and investigation in three dimensions) is a methodology and associated software tool for geological 3D modelling which enables the user to quickly and intuitively construct consistent 3D solid models of the subsurface for a wide range of applications. It addresses therefore exactly the needs mentioned above.

The Swiss Geological Survey uses GSI3D to build up geological 3D models of the Quaternary.

Key features of GSI3D:

  • GSI3D is designed for geoscientists, rather than expert software users.
  • GSI3D enables the user to construct 3D framework model by leveraging the traditional methods of geologists, like map interpretation and cross section construction).
  • User can apply their geoscientific knowledge intuitively.
  • 3D models can be built from site to regional scale and to any level of detail.

Content of the workshop

  • Introduction to the methodology and software tool GSI3D.
  • Applications and capabilities of models built by GSI3D.
  • Publication of models built by GSI 3D to customers and partners.
  • Hands-on exercise: Creating a simple 3D model using GSI3D


Participation in the ToolMap Workshop is free but registration is required.


Please register with cristina.michael@swisstopo.ch until October 23th at the latest
Federal Office of Topography swisstopo
Geological Survey
Mrs. Cristina Salomè Michael
Seftigenstrasse 264, 3084 Wabern

  • The number of participants is limited to 20. Registrations are considered in their order of arrival
  • In the case of overbooking, a waiting-list is available
  • Please provide your name, surname and organisation while registering.
  • Participation is free of charge (incl. refreshments). Travel and meals are on the expense of the participant
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