9th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich 2011


Download SGM 2011 abstract volume:

You can download the complete SGM2011 Abstract Volume for two-sided "recto-verso" printing (PDF = 53 Mb !),
or for screen viewing (PDF = 16 Mb). Abstracts booklets can also be downloaded individually for each Symposium (see below).

Also available for download is the SGM2011 Program Booklet (PDF = 4.8 Mb).


Download individual abstract volumes per session

  1. Plenary Session
  2. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics.
  3. Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
  4. Low-Temperature Isotope Geochemistry
  5. Perspectives on batholith formation and evolution in 4D
  6. Geomorphology
  7. Quaternary Research
  8. Understanding and evaluation of soil functions (CANCELED)
  9. Hydrology and Sustainable Water Resources Management in View of Global Changes
  10. Open Cryosphere Session
  11. Meteorology and Climatology
  12. Greenhouse Gases: Linkages between Biosphere and Climate
  13. Natural or man-made mineral dust and its influence on humans, environment and climate
  14. Phenology and Seasonality (No Abstracts)
  15. Traces of life on planet Earth: A tribute to the late Professor Lukas Hottinger
  16. Geoscience and Geoinformation - From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
  17. Earth System Science related Earth Observation
  18. Synergies between Advancements in Geodesy and other Geosciences
  19. Advances in GIScience and Remote Sensing
  20. Natural geohazards (CANCELED)
  21. Deep Geothermal Energy
  22. Geophysics and Rockphysics
  23. Special symposium in honor of Daniel Bernoulli & Albert Matter