8th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Fribourg 2010

PRE-EVENT: Hands-on ToolMap Workshop – A tool for digital geological mapping
Friday 19th November 2010:
University of Fribourg, Geography Unit, Fribourg

ToolMap – A tool for digital geological mapping

Date:               Friday, 19. November .2010
Time:               09:00 - 12:30 am
Place:              University of Fribourg
                        Geography Unit – Building no.14 (Boulevard de Perolles, 2nd floor)
                        Computer room 236
Costs:              Participation is free of charges.
Registration:   Required! please register with nils.oesterling@swisstopo.ch until October 30th at the latest

How to go there?: http://www.unifr.ch/geoscience/geographie/home/doku.php?id=welcome:location

Lecturer:         Mario Sartori (University of Geneva)
                       Lucien Schreiber, Pascal Ornstein (CREALP – Research center on alpine environment)
                       Nils Oesterling, Stefan Strasky (Swiss Geological Survey - swisstopo)


The need for digital data is becoming increasingly important in geosciences especially in fields such as engineering geology and geological mapping. For example, natural hazards mapping requires geological maps as basic information. The availability of digital geological data, in vector format, allows GIS-based spatial analysis.

In order to handle geological information in an efficient way and for easily transfer it into geological information system, the research center on alpine environment (CREALP) developed in close collaboration with the Swiss Geological Survey (SGS) the software package ToolMap. ToolMap allows structuring and storing geological data through a robust relational database, vectorising field data and building up multilayer GIS models with high topological integrity. Thus, it permits a much faster production of GIS datasets readily available for a wide variety of applications.

Key features of ToolMap:

  • Dedicated tool for vectorising, attributing and building up complex multilayer GIS.
  • Implementation of user–defined data models for handling geological features (geometry and descriptive attributes)
  • Open source, cross platform software package, available for Windows, Mac (Intel, PPC) and Linux.
  • Designed for all geologists integrating geological field data into GIS

Content of the workshop

  • Introduction to the principles and goals of ToolMap
  • Introduction to the Swiss geological data model.
  • Design and implementation of a ToolMap project
  • Hands-on exercise: Creating a geological map using ToolMap


Participation in the ToolMap Workshop is free but registration is required.


Please register with nils.oesterling@swisstopo.ch until October 30th at the latest

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