8th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Fribourg 2010

INFORMATION FOR: exhibitors, societies and organisations

Please contact Prof. Bernard grobéty (bernard.grobety@unifr.ch) if you are interested to be on display with an information booth. These can be allocated free of charge to scientific (non-profit) organisations such as scientific societies or commissions of the Academy. For Federal agencies and departments, as well as private companies, a financial contribution will be required whose amount will depend on the floor surface needed for the booth.

Organisation that have reserved a booth can put their material on display starting Friday 19th at 14:00 hours or Saturday 20th at 08:00 hours. The conference premises will be closed to the public on Friday evening (so you can leave your stuff there overnight).

Les personnes ayant réservé un stand peuvent s’installer à leur convenance le vendredi dès 14h ou le samedi matin dès 8h. Les locaux seront fermés au public le vendredi soir.