4th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Bern 2006


Host institutions

University of Bern
Institute of Geological Sciences
Institute of Geography



GEOforumCH (Swiss Academy of Sciences)


Participating Societies and Organisations

Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Junge Geographie Schweiz (JUGS)
Past Global Change (PAGES)
ProClim- (Swiss Academy of Sciences)
Swiss Association of Geologists (CHGEOL)
Swiss Forest Association (SFV / AFS)
Swiss Geographical Society (SGV)
Swiss Geological Society (SGG/SGS)
Swiss Geological Survey (swisstopo)
Swiss Geomorphological Society (SGGm/SSGm)
Swiss Hydrological Commission (CHy)
Swiss Paleontological Society (SPG/SPS)
Swiss Commission for Quaternary Research (SKQ/CSQ)
Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology (SGHL)
Swiss Society of Mineralogy Petrography (SMPG / SSMP)
Swiss Soil Science Society (BGS/SSP)
Working Group for Geotopes in Switzerland (GEOforumCH)