3rd Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich 2005

PLENARY SESSION, Friday November 18th

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1300-1305 Welcome address W. Haeberli (Uni ZH)
1305-1310 CHGEOL Awards P. Mader (CHGEOL)
1310-1315 International Year of Planet Earth H. Stünitz (IUGS)
1315-1320 Project "Erlebnis Geologie/Géologie Vivante/Geologia Viva" P. Dèzes (GEOforumCH)
1320-1400 Project "Future of Geosciences in Switzerland" A. Pfiffner (Uni Bern)

4D- earth: views through space and time

1400 – 1430 The beginning: from dust to planets R. Wieler (ETHZ)
1430 – 1500 Deep Earth – A petrologist’s view of the planet’s interior P. Ulmer (ETHZ)
1500 – 1530 Forearc deformation at convergent margins – does the Peru-Chile system throw light on the early Alpine evolution? O. Oncken (GFZ Potsdam)
1530 – 1600 Mineralogie im Nanobereich: Ein elektronenmikroskopischer Blick in das Innenleben von Kristallen B. Grobéty (Uni Fribourg)
coffee break
1630 – 1700 Primates and human evolution P. Schmid (Uni Zürich)
1700 – 1730 Climate and ecosystem variability: from the Holocene to the Anthropocene. M. Grosjean (Uni Bern)
1730 – 1800 Soil and Wildland Fire – from Boreal to Alpine Fires M. Schmidt & B. Allgöwer (Uni Zürich)
1800 – 1830 Heat Waves and Water in the Alps M. Beniston (Uni Fribourg) & M. Zappa (WSL)
coffee break
1900 – 1945 Nuclear power, earthquakes and ice ages in Switzerland D. Giardini (ETH-Z) & W. Haeberli (Uni ZH)
1945 – 1955 "Paul-Niggli-Medaille" Awards C. Heinrich (ETH-Z)